Thursday, March 26, 2015

Zac Brown

Oh how I wish we were friends again. Tonight you posted a song by Zac Brown. You said you were thinking of your son. Funny how music ties people together. Last Friday I posted a song by Zac Brown. When I posted that song, Jesus came to mind and thought that song should be put into a hymnal. Tonight I can't help but identify with the song you posted. That man, AKA my son inlaw is being deployed to an undisclosed location. He will miss his first year Anniversary with Queenie. 
I miss you J. Funny, or at least to me it's funny how things interact in life. 


Denise Jordan said...
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Denise Jordan said...

How are you, Cake Lady?

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Such a nice blog.

Denise Jordan said...

You are WAY more than a failed love affair........How are you???

Cake Lady said...

Hi Denise,
I'm doing really well, and really busy. I don't have the time that I once had to write in here. I can tell you that I am happier than I have been in a long time. I was in a major funk for about a year. I think it was right about the time that you left your last comment that J and I met for lunch. It's a story to tell for sure but right now I just don't have the time to put in the details that I so enjoy telling when I am writing. We had been talking as friends for a month or so. When we met that day I didn't know what to expect. I only knew that I still loved him. At some point during lunch he gave me the most heartfelt apology. I didn’t ask for it and maybe that is why it was so dear to me. He explained what happened and told me he hoped I could find it in my heart to forgive him one day. I told him that I had forgiven him a long time ago. It was a few months before I knew what his intentions were. Meaning did J just want friendship, or did he want a relationship with me? The answer is that he wants a relationship. I’m so very happy right now.

I’m flattered that you read enough of my blog to be interested in what I have to say. I started it years ago thinking I could someday be an author of a bestselling book, but then I became so critical with myself that I kinda lost interest. I hope all is well in your life.
Do you have a blog Denise? How did you ever run across my blog?

Denise Jordan said...

Hello Cake Lady! I do not have a blog and found yours linked on another blog that I had been reading. I found your entries to be down to keep everything very real! I have enjoyed reading your entries. So glad to hear that you are happy these days. If life ever permits, would love to hear more from you!