Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Trick or Treat!

It’s no Trick! Queenie and Hubby have bought a house and I couldn’t be more excited. Not just for them but for me. They close on it Halloween. Queenie is a slob. I thought when she got married that she would be gone but because Hubby couldn’t find a job, she continued to live with me. It’s bad when G. I. Joe announces that when she is gone we are going to disinfect the house. I guess I better start perusing the sale papers for 409, Windex, mop and glow etc. I told her when she left; I was going to change the locks. She didn’t find that amusing. All kidding aside, I am very happy for them. The house is a very nice house, much better than mine and much bigger. Truthfully I am sure I will be lonely. I guess that is just something else that I will have to deal with. There is still no word from the Body Guard. I try not to think about him, but I do.

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