Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Trick or Treat!

It’s no Trick! Queenie and Hubby have bought a house and I couldn’t be more excited. Not just for them but for me. They close on it Halloween. Queenie is a slob. I thought when she got married that she would be gone but because Hubby couldn’t find a job, she continued to live with me. It’s bad when G. I. Joe announces that when she is gone we are going to disinfect the house. I guess I better start perusing the sale papers for 409, Windex, mop and glow etc. I told her when she left; I was going to change the locks. She didn’t find that amusing. All kidding aside, I am very happy for them. The house is a very nice house, much better than mine and much bigger. Truthfully I am sure I will be lonely. I guess that is just something else that I will have to deal with. There is still no word from the Body Guard. I try not to think about him, but I do.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Things I Know

In my last post a reader asked me what happened with us. I told her I wish I knew. This is what I do know. About a month ago the body guard broke up with me. I guess I never should have starting referring to him as “J” on here. Maybe that jinxed things. I doubt it. Today my boss asked if the body guard and I wanted to go to a soft opening of a restaurant. At first I thought about telling him that we already had plans but decided that I would just tell him the truth. I haven’t even told most of my friends about it. Everyone, including me thought we would be together forever. We got along great, or at least I thought we did. I am broken hearted, depressed and just plain shocked. I guess no matter how much I loved him (love him), he doesn’t love me back the same way. He didn’t even have enough respect for me to tell me face to face or at the very least, call me on the phone. The last words he said to me were “I love you too”. I had called him to see if he was at work. I was going to stop by and see him. As I was calling him, he was leaving. I waved at him and told him I loved him and would just see him later. He said Love you too. He had been sick that week, or at least he told me he was sick. I wonder now if his sickness was just a reason not to see me. I had tried to call him Thursday or Friday and he didn’t answer the phone but text back to say that the cold had gone to his chest and it hurt him to talk. He text me late Friday night to see what I was doing and I told him I was watching TV and he said he was doing the same thing. Sunday I didn’t hear from him and just thought he was still sick, so I didn’t bother him. I decided to make some ribs on the grill. The Body Guard makes some killer ribs!! I was always harassing him telling him mine were better. I took some pictures of them and went to post them on FB and when I did, I saw that he had deleted every picture of me. Not just a few but every picture. Talk about a shock. I called him and he didn’t answer, so I text him to ask what was going on and he told me that he needed some time to himself, that he needed to think some things through in his life. I have no idea what those things were. In hind sight, I believe those things he needed to think about were me and he had already done just that. I miss him. I’m taking one day at a time. Some days are Ok and some days are horrible. Today is one of the horrible days.

Monday, October 06, 2014

Cup Cakes

I rarely crave sugary foods, and when I do it's comparable to a nicotine addiction. Yes, I once smoked cigarettes. I haven't had a cigarette since December 6th, 1985. That is one of my proudest accomplishments. I wish I could say the same thing for my cravings for cake. Thank God it's not something I crave often. Now...if offered a piece of cake, that's entirely different. I don't know what brings on my sugar cravings, they just seem to pop up like weeds in a garden. Tonight I'm in the weeds. I had bought a box of...I will call them Body Guard Cakes to celebrate his Birthday. They are the cellophane wrapped little goodies with his name written on them (only the Body Guard will understand that). I ate one on his Birthday and put the rest in the cabinet, tucked away from the piglets. Queenie doesn't like chocolate, so that means G. I. Joe has been here, in stealth mode.  Mama is going to have to find a new hiding place for her cakes!!