Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Seize From Every Moment its Uniqueness, Especially This Week

Today I had Chinese for lunch, hot and spicy soup to be exact. When I reached for the fortune cookie, I thought to myself “what kind of nonsense is going to be in this cookie?” They always seem to have some sort of uplifting message. Today’s cookie has me stumped. Seize from every moment its uniqueness, especially this week. Well, I need some help with this one. What’s unique about this week? So far, nothing at all is unique about this week. I’m still missing J. I have tried to keep my mind off of it but to no avail. Friday is J’s Birthday and I will not be celebrating with him. Maybe that is the uniqueness?? If that is it, how do I seize the moment? I guess since I love cake so much, I could seize the moment and buy myself a cake and eat a piece of it in his honor. Yep, I think I will do just that. Seize the moment with cake. How fitting!!