Thursday, June 12, 2014

To Queenie on Her Wedding Day

Dear Queenie,

Today is the day you marry your best friend. If I could hand pick someone for you it would be Hubby. When you were putting that collage of childhood pictures together I remembered every one of those moments and it’s hard to believe you are now a grown woman.

Enjoy this special day and reflect back on it many times, especially when the waters get rough and they will get rough. I loved that your bridesmaids made a jar to fill with advice. Open that jar and look at it every now and then and use that advice. The Honeymoon will not last forever so it’s all about learning to love and accept each other as you really are. There is no such thing as a perfect marriage but I do think you can ‘become perfect for each other’ over time through being loving, faithful, loyal, respectful, committed and understanding.

Head strong and confident, stubborn and feisty, loving and giving, sweet and sassy, you are my daughter. So go into the world my Queenie and chase all the joy you can. Just remember you are still mine, I’m just sharing you with Hubby. Always remember, never forget, no one will ever love you…like your Mother.

I wish a lifetime of happiness for you and Hubby.
I wish you many children.
I wish laughter and happiness and giddiness.
I wish hugs upon hugs.
I wish health and peace to you both.
I wish you a life together filled with promise and dreams fulfilled.
And I wish you a happily-ever-after.
Congratulations and best of luck as you take your first steps together in this new chapter of your lives.



Denise Jordan said...

Congratulations to Queenie!

Rhapsody said...

blessings and congratulations.
May love, understanding, patience, tolerance and forgiveness be their foundation.


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Julia Graham-Chapman said...

I love this!!! :) Thanks for sharing

Wawa said...

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