Monday, October 07, 2013

Here I go Again

I’m reminded every time I go to Wal-Mart or Target that the Christmas Season is upon us. I know this because we haven’t got past Halloween and they already have Christmas junk out. I know I sound like a scrooge and I’m not. I just hate having it crammed down my throat. Last year was the best Christmas I could have possibly asked for. Because it was so good, I fear I will be let down this year. It’s not that I’m afraid I will not get good gifts; it’s not about the gifts. Last year J gave me a beautiful Sapphire Earrings and Necklace set. I think I liked the way he gave it to me more than the actual gift itself. I don’t have the money to give him what I want to and it bothers me. It bothers me that I don’t have the money to give my children what I want to give them. There it is. It’s the money. I’m still working 3 jobs and still broke. My summer job is about to come to an end and I fear my part time job that pays so well will end in the near future. The business is not doing well and I have heard through the grapevine that there is a chance they will close. I’m trying not to worry about that. I worry enough about everything else that I don’t need any more worries. That said, I’m getting very creative for Christmas. I bought the 1st gift today. I’m going to do some things I don’t like to do in order to accomplish this task of creative Christmas. I’m going to SHOP! The piglets will be easy to shop for, it’s J that is going to be a task. He has some really nice taste and my pocket book is not that deep. I know he will be happy with whatever I get him; it’s me that feels inadequate. I have started a list for the piglets and J. Every time I have an idea I write it on the list. I’ve cleaned out the hidey hole that I keep all the presents in. Queenie hasn’t figured out where this is YET. She terrible, she can’t stand not knowing what her gifts are. I think I have out smarted her. The hidey hole is almost in plain sight. I think she overlooks it because it’s right in front of her. Bring on Christmas! I got this!

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