Friday, September 13, 2013

I Love This Man

Tonight felt more normal than any night I've experienced in a while. I took the day off to work on my house. Several months back I started a remodel project in my hall bathroom. G. I. Joe was over using the shower for God knows why, which meant the bathroom never complety dried, and mold began growing on the ceiling. A contractor friend of mine said it would be best to remove the ceiling and put in a new one, so I did or I should say I tore the ceiling out myself but just didn't have the strength to put up a new ceiling so I hired someone to put in the ceiling for me. Several months, numerous bottles of wine, many tears and way too many bags of potato chips went by till my family stepped in and said we are worried about you. They didn't say we want to help, they said we are going to help. I gladly let them. Tonight it all came together. Jxxxxx got to experience the sister love/hate relationship, the Mother and Daughter bickering and my Soul Sisters input on what color towels to hang in the newly remodeled hall bath. At first I thought he might run and then I saw the amusement in his eyes. He doesn't have any sisters so all the estrogen in a small house must have been entertaining to him. He put up the cabinet above the toilet because he's strong as an ox! I wish someone had video'd that task. Jxxxxx just doing what we told him to do, me trying to use the drill to put the screws in, Norma Jean telling me to get out of the way and Soul Sister chiming in too. I finally got one screw in far enough that Jxxxxx took over the drill while Norma Jean and I held up the cabinet. Then came the discussion of the towels I bought to match the shower curtain. The shower curtain fell, the bathroom door slammed, then Norma Jean announced she was going to purchase another color of towels. I laughed at Jxxxxxs expression. I told him that he missed out by not having any sisters. Sisters may fight but the love we have for each other runs deeper than water. Norma Jean came back with new towels, I didn't like them at first but they began to grow on me. When I started writing this I was thinking of the kisses Jxxxxx gave me before he left and the desire that grew in me and I think him too, then we were interrupted. It felt good to be desired and felt good for my family to think of Jxxxxx as family. I Love that man.