Monday, July 15, 2013

In The Arms of an Angel

I'm thinking of changing my blog name to  "Love Notes to J....." I saw your link tonight. I figured you had your son on your mind. If we were still friends I would have told you that I wrote a post the other night and I think I called it still trying or something like that. I later deleted it because I was afraid you would read it. You found this site once and I changed the settings so no one could see it for a couple of months. Still trying was about me trying not to think about you. I deleted it because it was obvious I still think of you. G. I. Joe wanted me to call you and talk to you about what you knew about the Military. I told him that I had hurt your feelings and you were mad at me and that is why I couldn't call you.   I think of you, your son and my own son tonight because of your post "in the Arms of an Angel". If you are reading this, you will understand what I'm saying. A couple if weeks ago Asswipe text me and told me G. I. Joe had registered for Collage, and he gave me the total $$$ of the four classes that he registered for. I didn't respond to his text so the next day he called me to make sure I got his text and to make sure I was aware of the cost of the four classes. I told him I got his text and that I didn't think G. I. Joe has enough self discipline for collage. I told him I thought G. I. Joe would benefit from joining the Military if they would have him. I explained to Asswipe that G. I. Joe was not disciplined enough to tackle collage. Asswipe said I would rather see G. I. Joe dead in Afghanistan than pay for his collage. I told Asswipe that this was far from the truth and reminded him that not everyone who joins the armed services dies. Dear J. if your post was about your son and you happen to read this, know that at least one person prays for his safety daily. I believe he is in the arms of an Angel. A protective Angel.

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