Tuesday, July 02, 2013

First Kiss

Two years ago today I shared an unexpected magical kiss with the Bodyguard in Nashville. Who would have guessed how this man could have changed my life. I sure didn’t expect it. I knew I liked him but didn’t expect that I would ever fall so deeply in love with him. Then I screwed it up. Ironically it was because of something I wrote in this blog. Last week he was speaking to me, or I should say texting me. How could a little text send me into such a state of pure bliss? If I had won the lottery I don’t think I could have felt any differently. Then on Sunday I text him to ask how he was and he didn’t reply. It worried me that something was wrong with his family, so I didn’t bother him again that day. Yesterday I text him again and asked if he was OK. He said he didn’t feel well and would probably go home from work early. How I wish I could take care of that man. I think I’m the happiest when I take care of others. The song by Barry White comes to mind when I think about him. You are my First, my Last, my Everything. He is the 1st man I not only loved but was “In love with” still am. He will be the last man I love. There is no way anything like this comes around twice. And he is everything to me. Because of him I broke a pattern. I allowed myself to have sex with someone who I cared for. I know that sounds weird but there are things about me that no one knows. When I think about him I think about the things that he did that made me laugh. I remember one of the last times I saw him, we were in the kitchen talking and I looked up and just totally went off track with the conversation because I saw a piece of paint that was peeling, that really cracked him up and I remember how he was practically bent over laughing at me. I remember sitting on my love seat during the winter and my legs were stretched across him. I had to get up for something, so he took a picture of my legs so that they could get back in the same position when I got back. I remember the one and only time I got to hear him play the guitar. I really enjoyed that. I remember every live music event we went to. I remember when just the 2 of us went to Nashville and when we got back to the room I wanted more Champagne because I was so afraid I was going to disappoint him in bed. I don’t think I disappointed him. He was sure no disappointment to me. I remember spending Christmas with him. It was the 1st Christmas I have enjoyed since the piglets were small children. I remember how he used to smack me on the behind being playful. Mostly I remember when he came to my house, it was all I could do to contain myself till he got in the door. I wanted to run and jump up and wrap my arms around his neck and put my legs around him like a kid. There is just no way that kind of love comes around twice in a life time.
Happy July 2nd! I hope I get many more kisses and many more happy memories from him.

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