Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Big and Famous Organization

Today I received an email from a man with his resume attached. I have no idea why he sent it to me; I guess my title of Professional Broom Rider sounded important. First let me say that we are not looking to hire anyone, so don’t start sending me resumes, unless you want to send them for my entertainment. This gentleman who sent me the resume is not American and as I glanced over it, I had to wonder if maybe it was a language barrier that caused him to word his resume as he did. I work on a daily basis with people from all over the world and usually they spell things incorrectly but do a good job of communicating in a professional manner. I don’t think it was a language barrier. His objective is to work in a big and famous organization. That one sentence got me. He obviously sent this resume to the wrong place. It was like reading “When I grow up I want to be a Princess and rule all the lands” (yea, I have been watching too much Game of Thrones). Under his education he received a grade of good in the accounting department of Cairo and then finally received a grade of very good in the auditing department of Cairo. I’m sure this is a real grade; it just seemed strange to see this kind of grading system. The last time I saw these types of grades were when Mitchell was in Kindergarten. Under computer skills he has excellent knowledge of Internet explorer. I thought about contacting him and asking him how to get IE9 off of my computer that I accidentally downloaded but then read more and saw that his native language is Arabic. It puts me in a bad mood when I have to call a help desk and can’t understand what they are saying, so I guess I’m stuck with IE9. Then I get to the experience section, and it’s gets a little sketchy. He has experience with altering companies with all sorts of legal laws. As opposed to all sorts of illegal laws, I guess. He reviewed all accounting records and tax and financial statements in accordance with “Egyptian” auditing standards. That makes me wonder what “Egyptian” auditing standards are. He dealt with and controlled all incoming and outgoing messages. So, he must have had caller ID so he could control the incoming calls and decided who got through and who didn’t. His nationality is Egyptian; he is single and exempt from the Military. You all must know who this man is by now. It’s so obvious. It’s Peggy from the Discover Card commercial.