Friday, April 08, 2011

I Miss My Friend

If you have read any of my earlier posts you will remember some posts about Mr. Shark. Trickster introduced us in the fall of 2006. Although it didn’t work out for us in a relationship, he has been one of my closest friends. He was one of the best “Guy” Girlfriends I could ask for. He is a real manly man and good at talking, maybe a little too good in the talking department. He could talk for hours, I didn’t mind because to be honest he has this unique voice that you just want to hear. Sometime in 2007 he started dating someone and he didn’t come around too much, then we ran into each other at the local Hockey “get your drink on” spot and we started talking again. He has had many girlfriends since our meeting at the Hockey spot but this time he kept in touch with me. He is the one I have to thank for saving me from a long lonely night Christmas of 2009. That was one of the hardest Christmas’s I have gone through in a while. GI Joe was with his father and Queenie was living with Mr. Low Life. The holidays already get me down and being alone just adds to my misery. So there I sat Christmas night in 2009 mascara smeared, nose red and hair a mess from burying my head in a pillow and crying. Someone is knocking on my door at 9:00pm. I can’t imagine this could be anything but bad news. Who comes knocking on my door Christmas night at 9:00pm? It was Mr. Shark. He said he was alone and didn’t want to be. He was hungry and wanted to know if I wanted to go get something to eat with him. I was so happy to see him, I know now that when I was having that pity party with my pillow that God was watching over me and sent an Angel to my rescue. I told him to give me a few minutes to re-apply my make-up and brush my hair. So, off we went in search of something open on Christmas night. We walked into Ruby Tuesday’s only to be greeted with “Sorry we are closing” and who could be upset with that? It’s Christmas night for goodness sakes; everyone should be with family and/or friends. We drove around for a little longer and ended up on South Parkway at Third Base. Who would have thought there would be so many people there? It makes sense though, what goes better together than beer and tears. All of us lonely saps gathered with our own kind that night. We had a really good time hanging out with the other lonely saps. After dinner and a couple of beers Mr. Shark took me home and bid me good night. Thank you God for that Angel on Christmas night. Since then we started talking even more. I would tell him about my problems with men and he would tell me about his problems with women. In 2010 we were as thick as thieves. I really enjoyed that I had a male friend who I could call for help with stuff around the house and also have conversation with. He was the perfect man except he didn’t believe in himself. Sometime in the fall of 2010 he met a woman that he had gone to High School with and from the day her met her it was an on again off again relationship. He called me on Saturday March 5th and told me he was torn about the woman he had been seeing. They had broken up again and he had gone out with another woman. The old girlfriend got wind of this new girl and now she wanted to get back together. The old girlfriend had cheated on Mr. Shark and Mr. Shark confided that he wasn’t entirely over the woman that he had lived with from 2007 – 2009. He told me he was in complete turmoil. I told him not to get in a hurry that things would work themselves out. He also told me that the new woman in his life was jealous of me. I told him that we should meet and then she would see that I was no threat to her. He told me he admired my independence and wished he could be more like me. Then he asked me the strangest question. He asked if I was happy. I lied and told him yes. The reason I did this was because I suspected he wanted to have more than just a friendly relationship with me. I had tried to have a relationship with him before and it didn’t work. As close as we were as friends we had different goals in life and I know from experience that we would be fighting before long. The next Tuesday he posted something on facebook about “Can’t wait till Friday”. I commented and asked if he was going to Daytona Bike Week and he commented back and said it was something crazier than that. We chatted later in the week but he wouldn’t tell me what it was that he was going to do on Friday. On Thursday he posted that he couldn’t wait and didn’t, and attached a picture of his marriage certificate. Mr. Shark got married. I was blown away that on Sunday he was telling me that he wasn’t over the woman he had lived with for 2 years, he had just broken up with the woman he met in the fall of 2010 who had cheated on him and he wondered if he made a mistake by not giving us a chance. He married the woman he met in the fall of 2010, the woman who is threatened by me. I no longer call of text him and he doesn’t call or text me. I don’t want to cause trouble for him and his new bride and I suspect I would considering she feels threatened by me. I miss my friend.

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teahouse said...

Whoa! He just up and got married like that?

I'm sorry you miss your friend. It's understandable.