Friday, March 19, 2010

The Toilet is Fixed!!!!

I am making progress! Usually when I try to fix something, I either tear up more than I fix or it takes me hours sometimes weeks longer to accomplish my task. Last night it only took me about 1 hour to fix the flush thing on my toilet. It should have taken me 5 minutes. I took the lid off the back of the toilet and saw that the arm that lifted the flapper was broken. It looked like a task that I could accomplish without tears or cursing, so off I went to buy a new arm. I went to Wally World and found exactly what I needed. I knew when I walked in the store, found what I wanted, exactly what I wanted that this was too easy. I should have seen it coming. When I tried to unscrew the back of it, the screw was on so tight, I broke the arm…tears have arrived and small curse words are building in my head. I went back to Wally World and bought a new lifter arm and this time I also bought a pair of slip joint pliers. I couldn’t believe that I didn’t already own this type of pliers. I had needle nose pliers, wire cutter pliers, and way too many of what I think is called adjustable wrenches. What I needed were some slip joint pliers. What I wanted were some vice grip pliers! I settled on the slip joint pliers and whined all the way out the store because I wanted those vice grips but I couldn’t justify spending $2.37 on the lift arm and spending $20.00 on the pliers that had a spring when the $5.00 slip joint would work just fine. I went back home, opened the lift arm from the package and the back came off effortlessly. I didn’t even have to use the pliers. I’m keeping the pliers and putting vice grips on my wish list. I’m sure I’m the only woman with a wish list that contains a pair of vice grips. The toilet flushes perfectly now.


sue said...

I started laughing just reading this and realizing... you came back to your blog after four months for this? Good to know you are alive and well and, yes, that you now have a "fixed" toilet! Hang in there, hun.. :)

Mommy Moja said...

girl power~!

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