Thursday, November 05, 2009

Queenie is at it Again

Queenie came home last night and announced that she just didn't think college is for her. I asked her what she planned to do and she said she was going to just work. Right now I just want to scream. She is 18 and thinks she knows everything. She said she just doesn't see where college could take her. I tried to reason with her and explain that she could possibly know after 1 semester. I suppose if she were failing the classes, I might understand her thinking. But she isn't failing. In fact she is making good grades. At first I told her to get out of the house effective immediately. Then I calmed down and tried to reason with her. I asked her to give it at least 1 year. I'm hoping that after 1 year she can see some sort of future other than the one she sees right now. It's hard letting go and letting kids make their own decisions. Queenie said she would give this some thought. I told her what ever she decides that I will love her, and she is welcome in my house anytime. I also told her that I would not enable her in making mistakes. If she decides not to enroll next semester then she will have to move out. It's killing me to know that she might make the wrong decision and by wrong, I mean not enrolling for next semester of college.

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