Tuesday, November 17, 2009

40 Days and 40 Nights

Last night I got an email from a friend asking how I was feeling. He knew I haven’t been my happy self lately. It really surprised me that he had thought of me. He knew I had not been happy but I never told him what was wrong. Last night when he asked how I was doing, I told him I was really busy which was keeping my mind off of things. He then asked me what kind of things. I told him that the Holiday’s make me blue and that I couldn’t wait for them to be over with. I think for many people this is a time of year that they look forward to. He asked why they made me blue, so I told him that I feel like I’m under pressure to please so many people, plus I have no one to share them with. He reminded me that I have plenty of friends and family and that I didn’t have to please everyone. I told him that it’s really tough when you are expected to be at everyone’s house. More than making appearances here and there is the fact that I do not have a significant other to share the Holiday’s with. I miss waking up in someone’s arms. He said that he understood, and that I came across as such an independent woman that it never crossed his mind that I might want someone to share things with. I am independent but companionship is something that I can’t get by myself. Being independent has its strong points but it also can be very hard. I know some of you that are reading this will agree and understand what I am saying. For those of you who understand what I’m saying, I leave you with this. 40 days till December 26th. Hang in there!

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Tartrazina said...

reading this post a year and a half after you wrote it - and i sure do understand & agree. hope things have changed for you.

love your newer posts too!