Monday, January 19, 2009

Pathetic or Desperate?

Today I was giving a good friend some advice and defining the difference in desperate and pathetic. There is a fine line. Can you tell the difference?

Today a co-worker had some errands to do but was really busy at work. I was going out during lunch and I volunteered to take her husbands watches and get batteries put in them. She said to take them to Alexander’s jewelry or Donnie’s Diamond gallery. I had never been to Donnie’s before so decided to take them there. While they were working on the watches I decided to peruse the Sapphire selection. Cake Lady just loves Sapphires. I have always thought if I were to ever marry again that I didn’t want a traditional wedding band. I envisioned a wedding band similar to anniversary band, with Sapphires surrounded by diamonds. I was not looking for a wedding band and I spotted the ring of my dreams. It is exactly what I had envisioned. Problem is I’m not getting married. I explained this to the salesman and he insisted that if I bought the ring in advance that it would be good luck and I would surely find a husband soon. What a salesman!!! I told him that would not work because marriage is not in my future or at least the near future. I told him that I didn’t want to wear anything on my left hand that looked like a wedding band unless I was actually married. He tried a few other angles but I finally told him I was just not going to buy something unless I would be wearing it.

When I brought the watches in I had my keys in my hand and laid them on the glass counter along with the watches. He put the watches in a baggy and handed me my keys. I thanked him and left. I got in the car and tried to put the keys in the ignition and I couldn’t get them to work. I looked to make sure I had the correct key and it appeared that I did, so I tried again. Still it wouldn’t work. I raised the keys and looked at them and realized these are not my keys. Inside joke but this is the second time in 2 weeks that I have ended up with a wrong set of keys. I took them back in and the salesman laughed and pulled my keys out of his pocket. I am not entirely certain that he didn’t do this on purpose. Possibly he was not going to let me leave until I bought that ring. Cake Lady's definition of pathetic: Buying a ring that looks like a wedding band that I won’t wear because I’m not married. Oh and no chance I will get that ring, even if I rationalized wearing it. It cost $2200.00

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Sugardaddy said...

How bout pathetic being the sales dude trying to hit on you by switching keys?