Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Where Did it Come From?

The big day had arrived. For months GI Joe and I had been looking forward to seeing the Blue Angels at the air show in Huntsville. When we got there the sky was partly cloudy. I changed into my tennis shoes because we had to walk a long way to the gate. I debated about taking my umbrella and decided since it was a small tote umbrella that I would take it just in case. Just as we arrived at the gates it started to rain. It wasn’t a hard rain but it was rain just the same. Lots of people wear leaving because of the rain, because the other people were leaving GI Joe and I were able to get closer to the front than what I had expected. Within seconds the light rain turned violent. My umbrella was useless so I closed it. As I closed my umbrella I saw the tents that had been set up for the VIP’s being torn apart by the wind and the metal poles that were holding the tents were pulled up. The poles were twirling around in the sky like a baton. I honestly thought we were going to die. GI Joe saw people being hit with the flying debris and screamed run. We started running, but didn’t know where to run. All we could think to do was to get out of the path of the flying debris. We were in Tornado ally, nothing but flat land and a lot of cars around. Where did this come from? This was supposed to be a day of fun. We ran till we got behind a large SUV and took cover there. At that time my 13 year old son put his arm around me and kept saying “just be calm Mama, it will be OK”. Even in my panic it occurred to me that my young son was acting like a man. How very proud I am of that. Within a few minutes it all stopped and the sun was shining. I learned later that it was a micro burst and not a Tornado. I also learned just how lucky we were. 12 people were injured and 1 young boy died. As I think about my own son and the courage he showed, my heart goes out to this family that lost their son.

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Kelwhy said...

damn - he did good!

yeah, we almost went out - i'm so glad that we didn't.

glad you guys are ok.

Saucy Wildcat said...

Aww hun! I'm so sorry and glad to hear you all are okay.

Hubby and the kids and I actually saw the Blue Angels in Pensacola last week. It was awesome! I hope you get another chance soon!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like his Mama has done a pretty good job raising him.
If you get a chance to hit P'cola, they fly quite a bit down there. The schedule is pretty easy to find, H'ville is not THAT far away, and hey if they are not in the air, their Marine crew is walking the beach looking like the tight hard bodies they are.