Monday, June 02, 2008

How Many Days Left Till School Starts Again?

Picture this. Before I went to bed last night I remind #1 son that he is not allowed to have any company in the house while I am at work tomorrow. I ask him to repeat what I said and he does. Seems pretty clear to me that #1 son understands my instructions. Any of you folks out there that have children know that God blesses you with a 7th sense, you know that nagging feeling that someone is up to no good. That 7th sense kicked in today when I had not received the normal 230 – 271 calls that I get when he is at home by himself. I decided to go home for lunch and see what was going on. I arrived about 1:15 and saw several bikes parked at the back of my driveway (none belonging to #1 son). I walked to the back of the house hoping to find the owners of the bikes in my backyard but no luck. As soon as I stepped in the door, I hear what sounds like a heard of horses trying to get back with the rest of the pack. One unknown voice shouts “GI Joe – your mother is here”. I hear more tripping and loud whispers then out pops #1 son from his bedroom and he is trying to shut his bedroom door but can’t. He is biting his nails and his eyes are wide as saucers. He try’s to be upbeat and says in the most cheerful voice “Hey Mom, what are you doing home? I thought you got off work at 5?. I remind him that I had reminded him last night that he was not to have anyone in the house while I was gone. He is lucky that I can control my anger because his response nearly had me to throttle him. He says “Oh I forgot” to which I called Bullshit, you just got caught. I tell the boys to leave and they promptly do while never taking their eyes off of me. I know they thought I was going to start beating some ass right there on the spot. I ask #1 son what all the commotion was in his room and he tells me that when I came home he just remembered that he was not supposed to have anyone over so he was trying to get them out the window before I got to his room. Did he really think he would get away with this? Is it a boy thing to just dig a hole deeper an deeper??? Oh and if him lying and then trying to cover it up was not enough, he calls me when I get back to work and asks if he can spend the night with someone to which I reply “NO” and he has the nerve to ask why!! I told him he could not spend the night with anyone because he lied and then tried to cover up his lie, he started to argue and I just hung up. What a fun summer this is going to be! HOW MANY DAYS TILL SCHOOL STARTS AGAIN?????


Anonymous said...

Ah the joys of having adult children. You still have to bail them out of stuff but at least you can speak in adult language to them and tell them just how much they have effed up!

sue said...

LOL... I've soooo been there, done that. Luckily, my kids are all grown up too! (Oh, didn't mean to rub that in... *smile*)

Southern Sweetheart said...

Oh the joy of singledom and no kids! haha :)

They used to say that you reap what you sew....well, I know how bad I was and there's no way I'm gonna reap that business! haha :)

We're here for you! This ought to be a good summer of reading here! :)