Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Letter Game

Here are the rules: Write ten words beginning with that letter in your blog, including an explanation of why you chose it.

Kelwhy chose "K" because it's the first letter of her name, so I think it's only appropriate that I do the same. So I will use "C"

10 Words that begin with the letter "C"

  1. Cunt - I hate this word. It is the vilest word I can think of. Well maybe rape is more vile but you hear rape all the time but cunt is not something you hear too often. I think that is why the movie Atonement was nominated for so many awards. It used the word Cunt in the beginning and it was even spelled out in black and white. It set the tone for the movie. Oh and I didn't really care for the movie.

  2. Catfish - I chose this word because I am reminded of a time about 5 years ago that I went fishing with my Dad on Fathers Day. We were out on the lake all day and I am the only one that caught anything. It was a nice one too. My Dad loves telling that story even if he didn't catch anything. I have the picture to prove it. Me and my 8 pound catfish! .
  3. Children - Gods most precious gift to us and also the thing that makes us crazy. I believe this happens because of all the hormones that are put in food to make it grow faster. The food hormones that our children consume when they eat gets absorbed into them and it causes them to mutate into something that we can no longer recognize. They look like they belong to us but you are constantly questioning "Who is this child"?
  4. Chapters - Those are our beginning's and our endings. Sometimes our chapters are interesting and you want to tell everyone to read with me, it's a great life. Then you finish that chapter and begin a new one and sometimes the new one is ugly and you don't want to be there but you trudge on because you know this chapter will eventually end and another will start and you can only hope for another good chapter.
  5. Canoodle - It's fun to say and It's fun to do. Just thinking about it gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling.
  6. Cake - Never pass up the opportunity for celebration cake. If a person is celebrating something and they ask you to celebrate with them, have a bite of cake. What ever they are celebrating will only happen that one time. If it's a birthday, what ever age they are turning will only happen once. Be happy and honored that you were asked to be a part of that celebration.
  7. Cayman Islands - Because there is sand, ocean and sun.
  8. Candles - They can set a romantic mood, they illuminate a dark room, they can keep you warm, they can smell good, they calm me when I sit and watch the flame flicker.
  9. Circles - I don't like them. They take you no where. I like lines.
  10. Colors - The choices are endless. I like to wear pink. I want to be surrounded in blue. When I see yellow I feel happy. My eyes are Green. Red is a great accent color for my house.