Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Pish Posh

I just love saying those words "Pish Posh". I don't know why but I do. What do you think they mean? I think it means "Bull Shit" and so as I try to set a good example for Queenie and GI Joe, I say Pish Posh. A few things that make me say Pish Posh...
  • Queenie doesn't want a RFCU debit card because it says empower on it. WTF??? She had a Regions debit card but it seems they cancelled her card because even though she had money in the bank, it was not available till after 2:00pm. Pish Posh Queenie! Who gives a rat’s ass if the debit card has the word empower on it? Get over it!
  • Asshole got mad because I didn't alert him that Queenie got slugged at a Hockey game. What could he do about it? Nothing? He doesn't even come to the games. I myself didn't realize how bad it was till the next day when her cheek turned black and blue. Side note here a free Jersey really so important that you have to get violent with the girls that are giving them out? Pish Posh for sure!
  • To those people who boycotted "The Golden Compass" I say Pish Posh! Get real, it's just fantasy. Great movie!!!
  • Pish Posh on primary elections. It's cool if all the States held a primary election on the same day but just who says the good folks of New Hampshire know anything more than us good folk down here in the South or anywhere else for that matter. I guess what really urks me is that people want to vote for winners and when New Hampshire has a primary and declares winners then too many people will want to vote for a winner and not really think about what they are doing. Pish Posh for sure!

I really don't have a lot to say here today. I am slowly getting out of my funk. Thank God the holidays are over. Next year I might just skip town that way I don't have to pretend that I'm happy. I didn't succeed in fooling anyone this year.

I couldn't cancel Christmas so there is no use trying to cancel my upcoming big 48, so instead I will embrace it. I'm inviting everyone I know to dinner. Not to worry Trick, I'm not cooking. We will all go out where someone will cook for us.

Pish Posh Everyone!
Hugs and Kisses Too!


Jay said...

Wow, you're pish-poshing like crazy!

sue said...

I'll second your "pish-poshes"... ;)

When's the big birthday?

Sugardaddy said...

Let us know the date. We will definitly NOT Pish Posh that!

Junebugg said...

I just read the whole Golden Compass trilagy, wonderful stuff. The things that really piss the church off don't even happen until the last book