Thursday, November 22, 2007

Wake me When it's Over

Wake me when it's over. I wish that I could say that I love this time of year. I could say it but it wouldn't be true. This whole season just depresses me. The turning leaves, the cold dreary weather, the freaking Christmas Carol's that started before Halloween, the short days, trying to find the perfect gift for someone. It makes me depressed just to write this. So, I will borrow an idea from Chuck and tell you what I am thankful for.

I am Thankful for....
  • The care package that my Mother brought me last week. It's a little zipper bag and contains the basics medical supplies.

  • I am thankful for the tanning bed.

  • I am thankful for my turtle that I accidentally smuggled back from NYC

  • I am thankful for the many shades of lipstick that are available.

  • I am thankful for the opportunity to share these thoughts with you. I hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving. Oh and happy HNT!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Hey everyone! I feel so blessed to have such great bloggie buddies. I am alive and kicking. Our office has been moving and if it could go wrong it has gone wrong. And guess who they turn to for help? If you guessed yours truly then you win the prize. I have also been working around my house when I get home. Over all, I guess things are good. I celebrated Tricks Birthday with Kelwhy and both me and Trick were on our very best behavior. I don't care what Kelwhy says or what the pictures say. We were good (kinda sorta). Hockey season has started and now I have something to do on the weekends. I have lost a few more pounds. This weekend is the Margarita Ball here in Huntsvegas, AL and the cake lady gets to dress up in a pretty gown. I might even have my hair put up for the occasion.

Take Care!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Birthing Babies Cake Lady Style

I was visiting that Slick Sumbitch today and he caused me to remember the time that I gave birth to a Kidney stone and a baby boy all at the same time.

Some ladies can claim to giving birth to more than one baby at a time but just how many can tell about giving birth to a Kidney stone and a baby at the same time. I'm guessing I might just be the only one.

When I went into labor with G.I. Joe my back was hurting really bad. It felt like someone stuck a knife in my back. I kept telling the nurses and the doctors that something more serious was happening to me than just labor pains. They all said it was just back labor and when I received my epidural that it would be better. I argued that I had a baby before and this was not back labor but they wouldn't hear of it. I finally did receive my epidural and the pain did stop. Not long after that I started pushing and out came G.I. Joe (complete with survival gear and black hair and side burns that looked like they belonged to Elvis).

They cleaned us both up, put a diaper on G.I. Joe and a Maxi Pad on me and sent me to my room. A few hours later the nurse came in my room and reminded me to get up and move around so I went to the bathroom. I pulled down the Maxi Pad and set down on the toilet and noticed there was a dry roasted peanut just laying there in my Maxi Pad. I thought it was the strangest thing to find in my Maxi Pad and took it and laid it on the sink beside me and was going to ask the nurse about this strange finding when she came in again. Well, I was on some really good pain killers and then all my family and friends started to arrive. The pain wasn't there anymore and I just forgot about the dry roasted peanut that I found. Two days later I was discharged and all was right in the world (except for the postpartum depression thingy)

Six weeks went by and it was time for me to return to work. I had been at work for about 2 hours and my back started hurting again. I remembered this pain was exactly like that back labor that I experienced when I gave birth 6 weeks earlier. This time it was worse, I called my family Doctor and he said to come on in. It didn't take him long to determine that I was passing a Kidney Stone. He sent me to have some sort of dye injected into me and have X-rays while the dye was in there. They saw it and said I would probably be able to pass it on my own. They gave me a strainer thing that I had to pee in that would catch the kidney stone. Why this was important I don't know because they didn't want it back. But I did as I was told and the next day when I looked in the strainer there was something there that looked like a large piece of sand, or a tiny dry roasted peanut. Then it hit me and I remembered the thing that I found in my Maxi Pad when I gave birth. Then I realized that it wasn't a dry roasted peanut but a Kidney Stone. I had given birth to a Kidney Stone and a baby boy.