Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Update From The Cake Lady

Hey everyone!
I have been really swamped at work and in my other life. Several people have e-mailed me to ask if I fell off the face of the earth, the answer is NO - I'm alive and kicking.

Those cock roaches the size of small horses that took up residence in my pine bark mulch are now DEAD! I got some boric acid. Note to anyone using boric acid, it will also kill your plants. My boxwood's are now dead too. I'm not too upset about this because I hate boxwood's and planned to replace them anyway.

For those of you who are concerned about me sending my DNA to someone, I don't think it's a problem because my DNA is all over his house.

Queenie has gotten into the habit of leaving our front door wide open when she leaves the house. I think my neighbor is quite entertained in the morning when I get out of the shower and walk down the hall to get my coffee. My hall faces his front door and it's a clear view. I'm pleasant in the morning but not at all awake. I walked naked about half way down the hall before I noticed that the front door was open. Last night I came home at 8:00pm and she left it open again when she went to work. I think I'll just hang a sign outside that says "Door's open, make yourself at home and do some cleaning while you're here".

GI Joe is failing every subject in school, including PE. How do you fail PE? He has me really worried.

Dear Mr. Drama - There was real Drama at my favorite watering hole last Wednesday. I was even wearing my combat clothes but someone else stepped in to do battle for me.

Guadalajara was as nasty as ever but I did try a new Tequila. Don Julio 1942. If anyone wants to buy me some it's only $190.00 a bottle.

I ran into Mr. Shark yesterday, we had a very pleasant 1 1/2 hour conversation. I forgot just how much he likes to talk.

Mr. Mustang....what can I say? We are still talking and going to lunch together and a kiss or two but that's about it.

The White scaring the hell out of me, he is talking about moving the Huntsvegas. I hope it's just talk. He has always been a long distance love. If he moved here it would be for me and I just don't know how I feel about that. I know it scares me.

Summer is coming to an end and it makes me sad. I love the summer.

I'm saving the best for last. I have lost another 5 pounds!


Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you. I guess your new exercise program of running from cockroaches has paid off......

egan said...

Congrats on the weight loss. That's good news. I can't stand cockroaches and boxwoods don't do much for me either. Boric acid is some really powerful shit. Don't drink it.

BO Snagley said...

boric acid huh. interesting
never heard of using it for that.