Thursday, August 09, 2007

Urban Word Definition of Home Run

1. Home Run

To accelerate through first base (french kissing), onto second base ("heavy petting") to third base (oral sex) and finally coming around to home plate (sexual intercourse).
Wow, hit a home run with the White Russian tonight, gimme a high five!

Yes Anonymous Comment (Trickster), the rumors are true. The White Russian has been in town and I have been scoring some Grand Slams. Barry Bond's doesn't have anything on me and the White Russian!

In other news:

This weekend I will be going solo to the company outing. Oh and just to confuse everyone. I can't take the White Russian also known as Mr. Florida because his company and our company are direct competitors and someone would lose their job.

I have decided to go with an electric weed whacker.

My mood is still a little down but it's getting better. I think when this weekend is over I will be back to my normal self.


Sugardaddy said...

Hope the White Russian didn't have to make his records using "steriods". Although I have heard the recreational use of certain "blue pills" can be fun.
Good choice on the whacker.

Junebugg said...

Dang, you mean that you're "normal"? Normal's boring, I happen to think you're kinda unique. Have fun at the event, just make fun of the couples (in your mind of course) and notice how most of your coworkers seem to act totally different when their better halfs are around

Trick said...

I don't post anonymous so obviously I am not the only one that knows the "bad" things you do.

Also, it sounds like you went to N.C. with a weed whacker???

Veloche said...

Grats on the grand slams and the whacker choice as well. ;)

The Cookie Lady said...

Good for you!! Maybe the weekend away alone gave you some time to recover from your time with Mr. Florida. It sounds like you two where playing some big time baseball. Maybe you two can go to the World Series together. I hope your spirits are better this week!

Jay said...

I'm certainly glad that you've got something to smile about!