Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ugly Cars and Mashed Potatoes

I'd like to pride myself in seeing the good and beauty in everything. I just can't see it in some of the newer car models such as the Toyota Pirus. I mean what were they thinking? This reminds me of a dog with it's tail cut off.

When I saw this car I started thinking what else in this world do I find offensive. It was hard but I did come of with a few items that totally make me go iiiickk!!!
1. Hybrid cars
2. Mashed potatoes (I will eat them but they are ugly to look at)
3. Jelly Fish
4. Box woods. I have some in my landscaping and will be replacing them soon.
5. Goucho Pants
6. Unpolished toenails
7. Rust
8. Men who dip.
9. The scent of vanilla
10. My neighbors yard
I wouldn't feel right without also naming a few things that I find beautiful.
1. Weeping Willow Trees.
2. Mustang Cars (especially the 66 Coupe)
3. Turtles
4. The scent of Gardenia
5. Some tattoos. I don't have one and don't want one but some are truly a work of art and I admire that.
6. Slow dancing
7. Crosses and Crucifixes
8. The lake, the beach or a pond.
9. Diamonds
10. Music

What is ugly and what is beautiful to you?


Jay said...

I think the prius is cute. I have never in my life thought much about mashed potatoes. Maybe they ARE ugly. And I always admire gouchos from afar, but don't own any because I think I'm too hippy.

Anonymous said...

I think that a couple of years ago the auto industry decided to see how ugly they could make cars and still sell them. Number one oare cars like the unit and element. They are ugly boxes on wheels. Then it amazes me that dummies will buy them and pimp them out.
In my humble there are lots of ugly foods out there (brussel sprouts come to mind).
Beautiful things:
Sunsets on the beach
A smile from the one you love.

Chuck said...

I agree about the Prius. Ugly as sin.

Hey wait...Men who dip? WTF? ;)

Kelwhy said...

1. agree - ugly.
2. WTF? they are beautiful and yummy as well.
3. actually kinda think they are cool looking too - the way they move thru the water.
4. agree - blah.
5. love some goucho's.
6. unpolished toenails - who does that?
7. rust can be cool - antique looking.
8. the spit cups make me gag.
9. can't stand the scent of vanilla except for in cookies.
10. my neighbors yard is ok.

Junebugg said...

1 Thick scaly feet/heels in sandals
2 Belly shirts when you have a pot belly
3 Prejudice in any form

1 Mother Nature at her finest
2 The way people dressed in the old movies (I love men in fedoras! And women in dresses that fit properly, ahhhh)
3 Music, I gotta have me some good blues and rock

egan said...

I love the Prius. Have you been inside one? They're quite roomy inside. They look a tad bit funky, but I kind of like how distinct they are. Then again I drive a MINI Cooper. Great list.