Friday, July 06, 2007

The Necklace

A few post back Friday Funk I had been really down in the dumps. My spirits are now lifted and for a few reasons.
  1. I went out with an open mind and had a good time.

  2. A stranger took off his necklace and gave it to me.

  3. I had sex.

  4. I went to Trickster's parents house for the 4th of July and experienced the family thing.

  5. I dropped a dress size

On my Friday Funk post I mentioned that I had committed to going out with a girl who I had reservations about. I did go out with her and a big bunch of her friends last Saturday night. I had an OK time but only because I was still a little down. Princess called me Tuesday night and asked if I wanted to join her and her friend for a drink and I almost said no but decided to go instead. My hesitation was because again I was feeling really in the dumps. I was feeling more lonely than ever because my company announced that they were taking all of us and our spouses or significant other on a weekend trip, all expenses paid. I am the only one in our company without a spouse or significant other and it bothered me. So, when Princess invited me to go out. I said YES with the attitude that I was going to talk to every man that I met. Me and Princess made a joke of it and said I was taking applications for an escort. It was a great way to meet people and I have to admit that I had an awesome time. I laughed so much at myself and some of the potential applicants.

Later that night a young man came in and I noticed his necklace. His necklace brought back a memory that to some might be a bad one but to me it was a very good memory. The necklace this young man was wearing was exactly like a necklace that I stole when I was 14 years old. The only diffence in the two necklace's was that the one that I stole had a wooden disk and his was made of metal. I guess I must have gotten over excited about his necklace because he took it off and said I could have it. I put it on and thanked him. I tried to tell him why the necklace meant so much to me but it was crowded and he had some friends and I can't go from point A to point B without 1st visiting point C, D and E. It would have taken way to long. So, to the young man in the medical fatigues, this is for you. Thank You! The reason my memory of a stolen necklace was so good is not because I stole it and didn't get caught, it was because I stole it and DID get caught. It was probably the best thing that could have happened to me. I was in JC Penney's with some friends who were on the wrong path. They were all doing it so I figured that I would too. I got caught and they didn't. The security guard called my Dad and told him that he would have to come get me. My Dad came down to the store and let me say, back then it was OK to spank a child and I nearly wet my pants because I feared the belt that I would get when I got home. Daddy surprised me. He was very calm and asked how much the necklace was. He paid the $2.99 and turned to me and told me to put it on. I did as I was told and then he said he better not catch me with that necklace off of my neck for 6 months. He said I had to shower in it, sleep in it, wear it all the time NO EXCEPTIONS! It was leather and wood so there was no way it was going to rust. It was such an unusual looking necklace back in 1974 that anyone who saw it on me, automatically said something about it, which reminded me of just how it was that I came to have it around my neck. I did wear that necklace for 6 months. After that I threw it away. When I saw the necklace on this guy, I remembered how after that day, I thought twice before doing things that I knew better about. It was one of the best life's lessons Daddy could have taught me.

I don't think I want to elaborate right now about the sex that I had later that night. I will just say that I didn't have sex with me, myself and I. And I didn't have sex with the young man who gave me the necklace but it was DAMN GOOD!

Wednesday Princess called me and asked me to join her and her friend by the pool and I did, this time without hesitation. Because after the necklace thing, I was reminded of the many things in life that I have learned and one of them was not to judge people. We laid out by the pool till Trickster called and asked where I was. So, I left the pool and went to my second family's house to party like a rock star and eat goat stew. Love that family!

Today I went shopping and had to buy a size smaller!

Today life is good!


Junebugg said...

My dad would have just gone for the ass beating but your Dad's method seems much better. Glad to hear everything worked out OK and that you had a good time. Ah Sexxxxxxxxxx - I sure wish Sweet Thang would hurry up and finish healing, it's been 3 long months.....

Anonymous said...

Why are you so down about the company outting? Sounds like a perfect time to have Mr. Florida come up and join you. You can repay him for the trip to Savannah. Even better, what about the guy you had sex with on Tuesday night or was that just a one night thing? Either way, you make out!!!

Cake Lady said...

I would like nothing more than to have Mr. Florida join me for this event but....Mr. Florida would be fired from his job if his company found out that he was going on my company outing. Any my company would not fire me but everyone would probably fall over with heart failure. Our companies are competitors much like Apple and IBM. It is possible that I had my 1st one night stand at the ripe age or 47. I did talk to him about the company outing and he said he would call me around the 3rd. I hope he does and if he doesn't then I had a good time. Let's call him Mr. Italy in case he becomes a regular cast member.

The Cookie Lady said...

Sounds like you had a great Holiday week!!! Good for you!!! Congrats on the new dress size!! Love the necklace story. Don't sweat the work stuff. Don't you have an ex that you could take and have fun with? Maybe your ex-husband? Where is your company taking you? You might just go alone and find someone to have fun with when you get there. Everyone else will be so jealous of you!!!

Cake Lady said...

Hell would freeze over before I would ask my ex-husband to go with me, and Hell would freeze over again if he said yes. They are taking us to North Carolina. If Mr. Italy does not call then I will ask a girl friend to go with me. I could go alone but I'd rather take someone with me.

Sugardaddy said...

So would your Daddy make you have sex with Mr Italy for the next 6 months if he found out?

Southern Sweetheart said...

Cool story about the necklace. Strange how we learn some of life's best lessons huh?

Congrats on the smaller dress size!!!!! You go girl!