Monday, July 23, 2007

Land of Confusion

These days I seem to live in a land of confusion. I am confused about the strangest things....

I am not a bike chick but I put a Ducati background on one of my profile's. Why? Because it is about as close as I can get to something that best describes me. I'll keep searching and will change it when and if I find something else that fits me.

It's OK to flirt. Isn't it?

I need to purchase a new weed eater and I feel very overwhelmed. Did you hear that? I am overwhelmed about a weed eater!

How does all that crap get under my sofa cushions?

Why do I get so stressed out when I find myself in situations that I can not control. Sure, I can leave the place that causes me the stress but it takes a long time for the panic feeling to leave me.

What the heck does "A stitch in time, saves nine" mean?

How is it that I receive so many wrong number phone calls and end up having conversations with these people? Last week a received a call from a guy looking for a woman with the same name as me. Can you believe that? I talked to him a few minutes thinking that I would figure out who it was that I was talking to. I finally asked him who he was. LOL - So there is a woman out there whose number is 1 digit away from mine and I have had a lengthy conversation with her friend. I wish he had asked me out!

The one thing that I can say for certain is that I love my new shoes that I bought last week.


Chuck said...

It is definitely okay to flirt!

Sugardaddy said...

Weed eaters are overrated. Get some Roundup.
The $$ under my cushions constitute my 401K
My BF tells me that shopping for and getting new shoes is the cure for everything. As a guy I have a black pair, a brown pair, topsiders, golf shoes, and running shoes. This gets me through quite nicely but then I am not the Cake Lady am I?

Junebugg said...

Honey, flirting is a forgotten art form. We Southern Belles are reputed to be the masters (mistresses?) of flirting in all the books but now-a-days women have forgotten how to flirt. I say we should revive it and refine it to new hights!

As for the weed wacker, go to Home Depot or Lowes and find a good looking salesman to charm into cutting you a deal. Be a good time to practice the flirting thing......

Cake Lady said...

Too much to comment about on the weed wacker so I think it deserves it's own post.