Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Just The Facts!

  • I have been more than a little down lately.
  • I took the Lords name in vain today. I can count on 2 hands how many times I have done that. The last time was some time in my early twenties. I am 47 now. I was trying to make airline reservations. Pathetic!
  • I am in all likelihood going on my company meeting by myself and everyone else is bringing their husband/wife.
  • I am mad at my sister and worried about her too.
  • I had a good time in Destin.
  • I had a bad day shopping for groceries yesterday and Kroger noticed it. They gave me a $15.00 gift certificate. I told them it was not necessary but they insisted. Kudos to Kroger.
  • I missed a turn coming back from Destin but did manage to find my way back to Huntsville and still made good time. Kudos to me!


Sugardaddy said...

Making airline reservations will make anyone swear. Thank goodness we have a travel secretary that does that for us.
Destin -- SWEET. Love it down there.

BO Snagley said...

just try to remember the look on the dufas's face when you told him that you were buying your weedeater somewhere else. that cheers me up

Southern Sweetheart said...

Hate to see that you've been down lately. I know how that can be and I hope things start to look upward for you.

As for the company meeting solo deal - I hate having to do stuff like that solo too. Sucks ass. Majorly.

Junebugg said...

Maybe you'll meet someone interesting on the company trip, it always seems that tons more people speak to me when I'm traveling alone. Chin up, don't let the bastids get to ya.

Cake Lady said...

Junebugg - I don't think I'll be meeting anyone there. It's a very small town and all the activities are already planned as a group. I'm OK now though. I did find someone who was at least interested in going, he just couldn't get his schedule worked out.

Chuck said...

If you ever need some good directions for a short cut to Destin, let me know.

Well that was sorta random...sorry!

Anonymous said...

There is a rumor going around that the Cake Lady has been going out with someone this week and has been getting her some. Any truth to that rumor? Maybe that is why we haven't heard from her this week!