Monday, May 14, 2007


I hope that all you Mothers had a great day yesterday! Yesterday was not the best Mothers Day that I have had, however it could have been worse. Last night as I sat on the couch I starting thinking about some of the things that I hope will be lasting memories for me. I'm going to write about a few of them, so later when my memory is completely gone I can tell my kids about this blog. Hopefully at that time they will be old and mature enough to handle some of the things that they will read on some of my other posts.

My mother, my Sister, me and Queenie used to go to Piccadilly Cafe for lunch every Saturday. After lunch Mama, Sis and and I would put on lipstick. Queenie would not stand for this. She had to put lipstick on too. She looked like a petite little woman and what skill she had at 2 years old. She put it on like a professional.

When GI Joe was about 4 we wondered about his sexual orientation. He loved for me to paint his toes and nails. He wore my high heels and was typically a Mama's boy. He used to come get in my lap and tell me he wanted to lay on my pillows (my breast). One afternoon he came walking into the living room with his painted toes and nails, wearing my heels and he stopped dead in his tracks, sort of like a deer caught in the headlights. The TV was on the Country Music Channel and Shania Twain was on a video singing "You Win My Love". He stopped, sat in the floor and said "She is beautiful". He didn't move for a long time. I thought he was in a trance. I never worried about his sexuality after that.

For Queenie's 3rd Birthday we bought her one of those battery powered Red Jeep's. She had so much fun driving that thing. Her Dad and I would walk to his parents house a few blocks away and Queenie would be right beside us driving. She never had a problem distinguishing her left from her right and obeyed all the driving rules. She is now 16 and is a good driver and I truly think that this Jeep at such an early age played a big part of her driving skills.

When GI Joe got about that age we passed the Jeep down to him. Let's just say that to this day during football his coach has to put a L and R on his hands because he still has trouble knowing left from right. He ran that thing into the house because he couldn't just his distance. If that is a sign of things to come then our insurance is going to be sky high!

When GI Joe was about 7 or 8 he received a Birthday card from Mama. It was a little sappy and when he sat down and read the card, tears just started rolling. I asked him what was wrong and he said the card just touched his heart. Yes, GI Joe is kind and soft hearted unlike his sister Queenie who seriously scares me in her ways of thinking. She is very book smart but sometimes her common sense is just plain stupid.

One Christmas Queenie received an Alabama law book from Mama. It belonged to my Great Great Grandfather. She was so proud of that book. She read it for hours. Oh, as soon as Queenie could talk I told her that she should be an Attorney because they got paid to argue. It stuck, she plans to be a lawyer.

When Queenie was 4 years old she was playing on the Jungle Jim in our back yard. She fell off of it and came crying to us and telling us that her arm was broken. We asked her if she could move it in different directions and she said she could but it hurt. Queenie is quite the drama queen. Her kindergarten teacher told her that she had more aches and pains than Granny Grunch. doing her 1st ballet with a broken arm. She stopped crying and continued to play all the while holding her arm. The next day I took her to day care and about 2 hours later I get a call from her teacher, and she tells me the Queenie is complaining that her arm is broken. I remember all to well sighing out loud and in frustration said "OK, I will take her to the Doctor". I took her to the Doctor and sure as shit it was broken. When we asked her to move it, we failed to have her move it in a certain direction. I felt so guilty but in my defense Queenie could have starred in that story book "The Boy Who Cried Wolf". Queenie had her 1st dance recital 3 days later. She was so cute up there on stage in her little tootoo and that white cast on her arm stood out like a soar thumb. For several weeks after the recital people would stop us in the mall and the grocery store and ask if she was the little girl who danced with the broken arm.

The first year that GI Joe played baseball or T-ball at that age, he looked so cute standing out in the field. His cap was all askew and he was watching so hard for the ball. It nearly hit him in the head.

I think Queenie was about 9 and my sister read her a Christmas story about a broken bell and only children could hear the bell because they were the only ones with Christmas spirit. After hearing the story, I tied a small bell on a card and hung it on the tree. On Christmas morning she saw it and rang it. I told her that I couldn't hear it. She was so amazed. She carried that bell around for weeks. A couple of times I almost slipped. I finally had to snag it from her and put it up for her to have when she has kids of her own.

One Easter we visited Asshole's Sister and her husband (I still love them) at their mountain house in North Carolina. GI Joe was so upset because he was afraid the Easter bunny could not find him. We assured him that the Easter bunny showed up where ever he had a basket. He was so surprised on Easter morning when he woke up to find all the goodies that the bunny had left for him.

We went to WDW when Queenie was about 9 and GI Joe would have been about 4. We were so worried about GI Joe getting separated from us. We drilled him the entire way down there (11 hour drive) and told him that if he got lost from us that he should find a WDW employee and them them that he was lost. We were at MGM studio watching the most spectacular light show I have ever seen. It was magical. We all got up to leave, walked to the end of the exit. We looked down and I said where is Queenie? Mama had GI Joe in the stroller. Asshole said I thought she was with you. I said no, she was with you. I panicked. If you have ever been to WDW you have seen the masses of people. It took me 10 minutes to fight the crown coming out. When I got back to the stage there was no Queenie. I alerted one of the employee's and a few minutes later they radioed that she was found. The took me to her. It never occurred to me that Queenie would get separated from us. Thank God she was listening to what we were saying to GI Joe and a big thanks to the WDW employees.

The first time that GI Joe flew he was 9. He was very scared, didn't want any part of it. I assured him that all would be OK. He was so nervous. We went through the security check where I want off. It was so noisy. I tried to tell him to hold up and wait for me but he didn't hear me. When he finally did realize that he was alone he turned around and saw the airport security patting me down. If he wasn't worked up already, this put him over the edge. They would not let him come back to me. It was horrible. I was screaming for him to be calm and I would be right there and that I was OK. He somehow managed to get in the wrong terminal and security would not let me go get him. I am all about airport security but this was ridiculous. What did they think he would do? When they finally let me go, I ducked under a bar and headed towards him. That didn't set well at all with security. I guess my Mother voice came out when they caught me. They let us go but it was not a good 1st flying experience for GI Joe.

Funny as the kids get older my memories are not all so sweet. There are still sweet moments but they are not quite so memorable. Treasure all the sweet memories of your children or anyone else that is special to you.


Junebugg said...

Aren't memories wonderful things! I'm sure your kids already have tons of them and that y'all will make a truck load more along the way

Jay said...

It's good that you're writing them down now - after so many years it's hard to remember everything you thought would be so memorable at the time.