Friday, May 04, 2007


OK - so I agree to go to dinner with someone who I met via the Internet. He doesn't live anywhere close to me, so I'm thinking. OK Cake Lady just go out and have a good time. I meet Mr. Excavation at a really cool restaurant close to where I am staying. I get there, find him and sit down. I had not been sitting more than 30 seconds and he starts excavating his nose. I try not to notice, thinking maybe this is some sort of nervous habit. Can you just imagine??? Date can't keep his hands out of his nose. At times he had both fingers going at once. Luckily for me he wasn't doing any deep excavation, but Man keep your damn fingers out and away from your nose! 1, 2, 3 strikes and you are out.

1. I was running late, he called and asked if he should order the pizza. I said yes, just make sure there are no Olives on it. Guess what? There are Olives and apparently my dislike for Olives just went right over his head.

2. Continuous excavation of the nose.

3. I offered to pay part of the bill and he said I could leave the tip. I did a good job of hiding my surprise. Sorry folks, I am from the South. We offer because it is polite but never would I expect anyone to take me up on it. And if they did - well strike 3, you are out!!!!

I am Thankful that we do not live in the same town. He asked me if I had plans for tomorrow and I said YES. I don't really have any plans but I will find some!

Oh and one more thing. When we were walking to the parking lot, I looked down and saw some money on the ground. I picked it up. $15.00. I looked around to see if anyone around me could have dropped it. No one was in site, so I said what should I do. We both agreed that it would never get to the rightful owner if I were to take it into the restaurant. But he made a comment about me getting lucky with dinner and finding money. I should have told him that that 1st slice of pizza didn't accidentally fall on the ground. I accidentally on purpose let it drop. I was not about to eat a slice of pizza from excavation fingers. I got my own slice from the opposite side.


Jay said...

This would be funny if it hadn't actually happened to you. So sorry it went badly - but good news is, you got a funny story out of it, and you never have to see him again!

Joan said...

Eww. That's just nasty. Funny, but nasty.

Southern Sweetheart said...

EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! I'm amazed that you had the gumption to stay the entire time --- he sounds like a real "winner".

Better luck next time! :)

Kelwhy said...

eh, well - at least you got out for a night - no biggie...

and he didn't kidnap you or anything - so there's a plus too! :)