Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tuesday Tidbits on a Wednesday

  • I have become overly paranoid about someone coming in my house. This all started about 3 - 4 wks ago when every night when I slept I dreamed about being held captive in my own home. I have even resorted to buying door alarms that make a wickedly loud sound when the door is opened and the alarm is on.
  • I cancelled my $185.00 consultation appointment with the attorney to talk about have my divorce decree amended. I have a friend whose husband is a divorce attorney. I don't like to ask to many favors of him but I did this time. He told me what I already knew. Yes, I could have the divorce decree amended so that ex-husband would pay me child support but considering the age of my children, it would cost me a whole lot of money to make this happen. So, since I am doing OK on my own. I will just let things be.
  • I have lost 4 more pounds.
  • I have met lots of men and women lately, more YOUNG men than anything else, and I am thinking about just going for it. The men my age are not doing it for me. One of the Cake Lady motto's is "If it ain't working - fix it". Not to worry all my dear friends. I will not be bringing any of these men young or young at heart around the kids. It's all about me. Note: even though I say this, it will probably not happen :-)
  • Movie review - I rented the movie "Running with scissors" last night. The trailer looked interesting. It was about a boy who's mother is mentally unstable and his father is an alcoholic. The mother gives her son to her therapist for him to raise. Dr. Finch (therapist) and his family are more than dysfunctional. Cake Lady point of view; it was one of the strangest movies I have ever seen in my life. I got no warm fuzzies afterwards.
  • I'm going out tonight, with a younger man and some other girlfriends. Wish me luck.


Jay said...

I was so disappointed by that movie.
Read the book - it's about a hundred thousand times better.

Cake Lady said...

Jay - I had heard the book was great but decided to watch the movie because lately I can't keep my attention focused on a book, unless Cosmo counts :-)