Thursday, April 05, 2007

My Quest for Toothpaste

Have you ever went to the store to buy something common like Milk, bread or say...Toothpaste, only to find out that said item is out of stock?

I am now on a quest for toothpaste. And not just any toothpaste. I have been using the same toothpaste for more years than I can remember. I brush my pearly whites with Arm & Hammer Dental Care Baking Soda Toothpaste. I even wrote to the company to find out if they quit making it. To my relief they are still making it. It's just that every store in Huntsville is out of it. The company sent me a list of stores that buys this particular type of toothpaste. There are 10 stores in Huntsville that carry this brand. I have been to 4 of them with no luck.

You just don't understand how traumatic this is for me! This ranks right up there with when Kentucky Fried Chicken started making extra Crispy Chicken. I knew when they tried to fix something that was not broken, all would go to hell in a hand basket. Sure enough, the regular chicken now sucks and extra crispy is more like extra crappy. Same logic applies to the toothpaste. Arm & Hammer started making about 3 other types of toothpaste that apparently no one wants because the stores have plenty of that crap but not the Plain Jane type that I like.

Reasons that no other toothpaste will do:
All other toothpastes create a foam in my mouth and I start gagging.
All other toothpastes have a taste of mint, you know the green mint stuff, which tastes terrible to my delicate palate.

Until this toothpaste came out, I brushed my teeth with nothing but baking soda and water. This was recommended by my dentist because he got tired of me throwing up when he tried to clean my teeth with that foamy stuff. So for now, I am back to baking soda and water. There is one good thing that has come of this. My teeth are whiter, even my friend who is a dental hygienist noticed them and asked me if I had been bleaching my teeth. When I do find the toothpaste I will probably brush my teeth with the toothpaste first and then follow up with the baking soda.

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