Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday's Horror Scope

Why talk when you can sing? Try to be more creative with how you communicate today.
  • Oh my gosh, I am so glad that I choose to blog about my horror scope. I can sing, I had no idea???? Let's see. I need to be more creative in how I communicate today. How can I creatively say "Someone please buy my dinner". OK here goes...wear something really sexy (ladies this does help), walk into Ruth's Chris Steak House tonight, be very talkative to just any stranger that will talk to me. OH HELL - that wont work. I don't talk to strangers. I'll just dress sexy and go have dinner and pay for it myself. Then I wont have to deal with some old fart that thinks I want to jump his bones since I let him pay for my dinner. I could just sing. If I did that, then I'm sure someone would pay for me to leave :-)
Talk is cheap. Show what can be done and you'll get people on your side faster than lightning.
  • What can I do and why do I want people on my side? I could show Queenie how to mop the floor. I could show GI Joe how to pick up his clothes. No - wait...I have done this many times and they still don't see it my way. Horror Scope must be referring to something of a sexual nature. Maybe I'll test this theory out at Ruth's Chris Steak House tonight.
Buh-bye, caution -- have fun on the wind. You're in a mood to do what you want, say what you mean.
  • Tonight I want to eat Steak, shoot tequila and dance. I suppose I'll throw caution to the wind and sing too.
Your feelings are changing for someone, probably for the better. A friendship is becoming a romance.
  • If this is true then I'll be meeting a new friend tonight because I am certain that none of my friendships will develop into a romantic relationship. Of course the Tequila does help.

Note to myself - Find out why the Steak House is called Ruth's Chris. Is Chris Ruth's son????

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