Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Controlled Substances

This morning I woke up and as usual during this time of year, I can't breath. I live in the Tennessee valley and what that means is that everything falls into the valley is like trash falling in the Dumpster and nothing gets out. So all the pollen in the world has fallen on me and my delicate nostrils. I had to make a Wally World run this morning for our office so I decided that I would kill two birds with one stone and buy my allergy medicine at the same time. The medicine that works best for me is Claritin but the price is absurd, so I buy the Wally World brand that is the same thing but has the Wally World name. OK, it was 8:30 and the pharmacy is closed. It doesn't open till 9:00am. I politely asked the Manager to open the pharmacy and get me my needed "Controlled Substance" after all it's not a prescription. She is nice enough but explains that by law she can not open the pharmacy and get me my drugs. Just knowing that I couldn't have them made it even harder to breath. I bought the drinks for the office and left, huffing and puffing and not because I was mad. I really can't breath. I can understand the need for controlling this drug (not really - I tolerate it) but what I can't understand is that this package that contains Pseudo ephedrine Hydrochloride only has enough doses for 10 days. Our government only allows us to buy 1 package at a time, so I have to go every 10 days to Wally World. For real prescriptions they give you enough to last a month. So, why is it that the government has regulated me to only 10 days worth. You can bet your ass that I will dig deep into this and make some suggestions for improving this regulation. Like allowing people to buy enough for at least a month. Is it just Alabama that has this law? About 2 years ago all the non-prescription allergy medicine was pulled from the counters and put behind the pharmacy counter. I have to show them my license and sign something when I buy this stuff. The reason they did this is because some people buy this stuff in bulk and make Meth. I am not a Meth head nor am I a crack head....however I could have been.

I was lucky. At one time (pre-marriage and babies) I hung out with a bunch of pot smokers and I not only hung out with them but I smoked it too. As a matter of fact I smoked the hell out of it. I remember we were in college and we all scheduled our classes around the soap opera General Hospital, we all met at this guys house every day and got stoned while watching the trials and tribulations of Luke and Laura on General Hosptial. Today Egan and I are on the same track again (sort of) when it comes to what we are blogging about. He asked for us to tell about our experiences so I am.

I really don't remember how it was that I got hooked up with these people but the bottom line was that I fit in. I never felt that I fit in with the preps or the jocks so these people were excepting of me and didn't expect anything out of me other than my friendship. I never even bought any pot. I never really could enjoy getting stoned because I always had the fear of getting caught. It was illegal and I was raised to respect the law. The pot smoking went on for a couple of years then my fiance at that time decided he wanted to try cocaine. At first I didn't try it. But after a while I said what the heck. He laid out a couple of lines and gave me a straw. As I said, I had never tried this before and pretty much stayed away when he was snorting it, so I had no idea how much was an appropriate amount to snort. I snorted it all. Which I was not supposed to do. I had never felt better in my life. When I started to come down, I wanted more. Lucky for me and I do mean Lucky for me there was no more and no way of getting any. I wanted it so bad that I would have probably done sexual favors to get it. The next day I realized just what an affect that it had on me and I decided then and there that I wanted no part of that. Smoking pot was one thing but the way cocaine took over my brain was freaking scary. It was like I invited someone else into my body. Not long after that fiance started shooting up the cocaine and so did most of the others that were in our General Hospital group. I knew then that I was smarter than that and I broke off the engagement. Getting away from that crowd is on my top list of things that I am proud of doing for myself, quite possibly the top of the list. They later graduated and now are Engineers. I don't know if they still do drugs or not but I know for certain that if I had stayed in that crowd that Egan might be watching me on Intervention.

I hope my children never find out about that part of my past. Sometimes I think about what I would say to them if they every said "Mama did you ever do drugs?". I just hope if I were to tell them the truth that they would not try it too just because I did. No, I pray it. Speaking from experience and seeing 1st hand what drugs has done to others, JUST SAY NO!


egan said...

Cake Lady, thanks for post. It's interesting to me to read something like this. Your experiences are something we can all learn from so don't feel ashamed. So you really crave it so bad you're willing to do sexual favors? Yikes.

The kid thing is a tough call. Maybe just let them know about pot. Great blog topic and thanks for sharing such a personal story. Good thing you left the fiancé behind.

Cake Lady said...

Egan - At that time, I craved it so badly that coke in exchange for sex was a possibility. I have no desire to be anywhere near that stuff now. I think if my kids do ask about drugs I will only tell them that I "tried pot", no need to tell them how many times I tried it.

egan said...

I agree. Pot isn't a real problem in my book. The other stuff can really mess with you and that includes alcohol.

Junebugg said...

I tried lots of drugs in my long ago misspent youth but didn't find anything that made me want more. Maybe I'm an alien or something but coke never did anything for me but acid, ahhhhh, I did love that shit but I never did crave it or anything.

Get thee to a Dr. and get a script for Allegra, I don'tno longer suffer from pollen or any of our other Tennessee Valley illnesses