Sunday, April 08, 2007

Baseball Season is Here!!!!

This is weird I just read a blog by Egan and I was already thinking about posting about baseball. I hope you don't mind. Our outlook on baseball is a little different but it is about the game.

Baseball is possibly the only sport that I can identify with. Most men that I know do not like it because they think it's boring. I find it anything but boring. I think I like it because it's slow enough for me to keep up with and actually understand. I too have liked baseball since I was a kid. Some of my memories are not all that pleasant but I still liked it. My Dad didn't like sports, none of them, not at all. And I never remember my Mother liking them either (when I was young). I am of the female persuasion and as a young girl we didn't have baseball or softball for girls. My first memory of baseball was my PE class in 6th grade. I was a little chunky in 6th grade and I remember playing baseball during PE and the girls and guys played together. Our school was a small country school and there was no such thing as dressing out so the girls and guys had PE class together. Anyway I was my turn up to bat and Brian (who I had a major crush on) yelled out for me to put my weight into it. The look on my face must have told how I felt because he immediately had a very pained look on his face and said "you know what I mean". I did know what he meant but with all the laughter from the other kids, I was reminded of my chunkiness. It was then and there that I became aware of how important it is not to be over weight. Anyway, I struck out. I was so nervous because of his comment that I don't think I even tried. Anyway, that was my first memory. I somehow turned a not so pleasant memory into a later in life great experience.

My next memory of baseball was when I got married to Asshole. He and his family were and still are die hard Atlanta Braves fans and I too became an Atlanta Braves fan and even better I became a Damn Yankee Hater! Sorry you Yankee fans, I just can't stand them. I remember when Deion Sanders played for the braves and he was a good ball player and not a drug player. Asshole hated the fact that I liked Deion Sanders, not because he was a good or bad player but because he was black!!!! I should have divorced him then. It shouldn't matter the color of a player. I admired him for his abilities to play ball, nothing more. Back when Deion Sanders was playing for the braves, they were just so, so. Not long after that in my view they got what we Southerners like to call "too big for their britches". Me being a Yankee hater it was only natural that I started loving the Red Sox. Not only were they the Yankee's biggest rival but they were also underdogs, until a few years ago when the won the world series. So I became a die hard Red Sox fan. A couple of years ago during a trip to Tampa I met a soldier who was staying in the same hotel as me. We became fast friends even though he is a Damn Yankee fan. He was leaving for Iraq in 10 days. We kept in touch and talked nearly every night via e-mail. I kept him up to date on all that was happening in the baseball world during the season and every thing else that was going on in the world that he no longer saw. He said later that I made his year long stay in Iraq bearable. And I have the Damn Yankee's to thank for that! During that same year I took a summer part time job with the Huntsville Stars (minor league) as a ticket sales person. I got to meet all sorts of people which was really good for me. I was just beginning to come out of my shell and to experience life. Now baseball season is upon us again and I have to wonder just where it will take me this year?


Anonymous said...

Cake Lady,
I am glad to hear that you are looking forward to baseball season. I am just wondering something. I have read most of your stuff on here and you have a lot of hatred for your ex the ASSHOLE. Didn't you say it has been 5 years since your divorce and I thought that you said you never loved him anyways and never wanted to marry him anyways. Isn't it time to get over it and him and move on. Hatred is not good for anyone and if you just let it go and him as well, you might just find that the whole new life that you want with a new man may just show up.
Just an observation, take it for what it is worth. Have a good day and enjoy the baseball.

Cake Lady said...

Dear Anonymous,
I think either you misinturpreted what I wrote or I did a bad job of writing. I refer to my Ex as Asshole because it's seems a little catchier than Mr. Munipulative. If I said I never loved him then I must have been mad. I did love him very much at one time and tried very hard to make our marraige work. I never said I didn't want to marry him. I said that I never should have married him. I married for all the wrong reasons. I don't hate him at least not all the time. Sometimes when he is being an "Asshole" I DO hate him, but unlike him. I don't hold a grudge. I have moved on and I have fell in love a few times, it just didn't work out. When there are children involved the Ex will be in your life forever, so wether I want him to be a part of my life or not, he is. Sorry to have mis-led you.

Jay said...

Don't you go apologizing to anonymous commenters. Nobody knows what's in your heart but you, and you have the right to write about it any way you need to.

Cake Lady said...

Thanks for your support Jay. I have a bad habbit of worrying about others and what they think of me and not enough about myself. I'm working on it though!

egan said...

I love baseball as you know. It brings me back to great childhood memories. The smell of grass stains rocks. Which team is the Huntsville team affiliated with?

Cake Lady said...

Egan - The Huntsville Stars are a Southern league affilate of the Milwaukee Brewers

Oh - And every Friday Night is Fireworks Friday. I just go sit on my front steps and watch all the pretty fireworks!!!