Thursday, April 26, 2007


My post today was going to be about something else but I changed my mind after seeing the word Proclivity 3 times today. Something tells me I need to post about Proclivities.

an inclination or predisposition toward something; especially : a strong inherent inclination toward something objectionable. A habitual attraction to some activity or thing.

I have a proclivity for a vanilla milk shake.

My proclivity to become a cook has not yet manifested.

My proclivity to adorn my breast with daisies is not kinky. Is it?

I have a proclivity to fall for men who don't fall back for me.

My proclivity for odd foods shows when I order a beer and a chocolate chip cookie.

My proclivity for earth shattering sex caused me to scale a wall last week.

There done!

Monday, April 23, 2007

For those who actually know me, please do not flog or shoot me.

Let me start by saying how very sorry I am for all the people who lost their life in the horrific tragedy at Virginia Tech last week. My heart and prayers truly go out to them and to their friends and families.

I met a young man this weekend (Nick) who just returned from Iraq and he too has the same feelings about the people and families that were affected by this tragedy. He then said something that struck a nerve in me and I just can't decide if I agree with him or not. "Why are we flying the nations flag at half-staff"? Flag etiquette states that our flag is to be flown at half-staff upon the death of principal figures of the United States Government and the Governor of a State, territory, or possession, as a mark of respect to their memory. In the event of the death of other officials or foreign dignitaries, the flag is to be displayed at half-staff according to Presidential orders, or in accordance with recognized customs or practices not inconsistent with law. Nick felt that by doing this for the massacre at Virginia Tech that it took away from what the half-staff is to truly represent. Although our president did order this flying of half-staff, I still wonder if he has forgotten the rules. This is not the 1st time that the flag has been flown at half-staff when it didn't meet the guidelines. This is just the 1st time that I heard the concerns from one of our nations active military. Maybe he was still raw from what he endured while in Iraq? I don't know but it did make me wonder. What are your feelings about this?

Half-Staff Dates and Flag Rules

Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday's Horror Scope

Why talk when you can sing? Try to be more creative with how you communicate today.
  • Oh my gosh, I am so glad that I choose to blog about my horror scope. I can sing, I had no idea???? Let's see. I need to be more creative in how I communicate today. How can I creatively say "Someone please buy my dinner". OK here goes...wear something really sexy (ladies this does help), walk into Ruth's Chris Steak House tonight, be very talkative to just any stranger that will talk to me. OH HELL - that wont work. I don't talk to strangers. I'll just dress sexy and go have dinner and pay for it myself. Then I wont have to deal with some old fart that thinks I want to jump his bones since I let him pay for my dinner. I could just sing. If I did that, then I'm sure someone would pay for me to leave :-)
Talk is cheap. Show what can be done and you'll get people on your side faster than lightning.
  • What can I do and why do I want people on my side? I could show Queenie how to mop the floor. I could show GI Joe how to pick up his clothes. No - wait...I have done this many times and they still don't see it my way. Horror Scope must be referring to something of a sexual nature. Maybe I'll test this theory out at Ruth's Chris Steak House tonight.
Buh-bye, caution -- have fun on the wind. You're in a mood to do what you want, say what you mean.
  • Tonight I want to eat Steak, shoot tequila and dance. I suppose I'll throw caution to the wind and sing too.
Your feelings are changing for someone, probably for the better. A friendship is becoming a romance.
  • If this is true then I'll be meeting a new friend tonight because I am certain that none of my friendships will develop into a romantic relationship. Of course the Tequila does help.

Note to myself - Find out why the Steak House is called Ruth's Chris. Is Chris Ruth's son????

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Controlled Substances

This morning I woke up and as usual during this time of year, I can't breath. I live in the Tennessee valley and what that means is that everything falls into the valley is like trash falling in the Dumpster and nothing gets out. So all the pollen in the world has fallen on me and my delicate nostrils. I had to make a Wally World run this morning for our office so I decided that I would kill two birds with one stone and buy my allergy medicine at the same time. The medicine that works best for me is Claritin but the price is absurd, so I buy the Wally World brand that is the same thing but has the Wally World name. OK, it was 8:30 and the pharmacy is closed. It doesn't open till 9:00am. I politely asked the Manager to open the pharmacy and get me my needed "Controlled Substance" after all it's not a prescription. She is nice enough but explains that by law she can not open the pharmacy and get me my drugs. Just knowing that I couldn't have them made it even harder to breath. I bought the drinks for the office and left, huffing and puffing and not because I was mad. I really can't breath. I can understand the need for controlling this drug (not really - I tolerate it) but what I can't understand is that this package that contains Pseudo ephedrine Hydrochloride only has enough doses for 10 days. Our government only allows us to buy 1 package at a time, so I have to go every 10 days to Wally World. For real prescriptions they give you enough to last a month. So, why is it that the government has regulated me to only 10 days worth. You can bet your ass that I will dig deep into this and make some suggestions for improving this regulation. Like allowing people to buy enough for at least a month. Is it just Alabama that has this law? About 2 years ago all the non-prescription allergy medicine was pulled from the counters and put behind the pharmacy counter. I have to show them my license and sign something when I buy this stuff. The reason they did this is because some people buy this stuff in bulk and make Meth. I am not a Meth head nor am I a crack head....however I could have been.

I was lucky. At one time (pre-marriage and babies) I hung out with a bunch of pot smokers and I not only hung out with them but I smoked it too. As a matter of fact I smoked the hell out of it. I remember we were in college and we all scheduled our classes around the soap opera General Hospital, we all met at this guys house every day and got stoned while watching the trials and tribulations of Luke and Laura on General Hosptial. Today Egan and I are on the same track again (sort of) when it comes to what we are blogging about. He asked for us to tell about our experiences so I am.

I really don't remember how it was that I got hooked up with these people but the bottom line was that I fit in. I never felt that I fit in with the preps or the jocks so these people were excepting of me and didn't expect anything out of me other than my friendship. I never even bought any pot. I never really could enjoy getting stoned because I always had the fear of getting caught. It was illegal and I was raised to respect the law. The pot smoking went on for a couple of years then my fiance at that time decided he wanted to try cocaine. At first I didn't try it. But after a while I said what the heck. He laid out a couple of lines and gave me a straw. As I said, I had never tried this before and pretty much stayed away when he was snorting it, so I had no idea how much was an appropriate amount to snort. I snorted it all. Which I was not supposed to do. I had never felt better in my life. When I started to come down, I wanted more. Lucky for me and I do mean Lucky for me there was no more and no way of getting any. I wanted it so bad that I would have probably done sexual favors to get it. The next day I realized just what an affect that it had on me and I decided then and there that I wanted no part of that. Smoking pot was one thing but the way cocaine took over my brain was freaking scary. It was like I invited someone else into my body. Not long after that fiance started shooting up the cocaine and so did most of the others that were in our General Hospital group. I knew then that I was smarter than that and I broke off the engagement. Getting away from that crowd is on my top list of things that I am proud of doing for myself, quite possibly the top of the list. They later graduated and now are Engineers. I don't know if they still do drugs or not but I know for certain that if I had stayed in that crowd that Egan might be watching me on Intervention.

I hope my children never find out about that part of my past. Sometimes I think about what I would say to them if they every said "Mama did you ever do drugs?". I just hope if I were to tell them the truth that they would not try it too just because I did. No, I pray it. Speaking from experience and seeing 1st hand what drugs has done to others, JUST SAY NO!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Baseball Season is Here!!!!

This is weird I just read a blog by Egan and I was already thinking about posting about baseball. I hope you don't mind. Our outlook on baseball is a little different but it is about the game.

Baseball is possibly the only sport that I can identify with. Most men that I know do not like it because they think it's boring. I find it anything but boring. I think I like it because it's slow enough for me to keep up with and actually understand. I too have liked baseball since I was a kid. Some of my memories are not all that pleasant but I still liked it. My Dad didn't like sports, none of them, not at all. And I never remember my Mother liking them either (when I was young). I am of the female persuasion and as a young girl we didn't have baseball or softball for girls. My first memory of baseball was my PE class in 6th grade. I was a little chunky in 6th grade and I remember playing baseball during PE and the girls and guys played together. Our school was a small country school and there was no such thing as dressing out so the girls and guys had PE class together. Anyway I was my turn up to bat and Brian (who I had a major crush on) yelled out for me to put my weight into it. The look on my face must have told how I felt because he immediately had a very pained look on his face and said "you know what I mean". I did know what he meant but with all the laughter from the other kids, I was reminded of my chunkiness. It was then and there that I became aware of how important it is not to be over weight. Anyway, I struck out. I was so nervous because of his comment that I don't think I even tried. Anyway, that was my first memory. I somehow turned a not so pleasant memory into a later in life great experience.

My next memory of baseball was when I got married to Asshole. He and his family were and still are die hard Atlanta Braves fans and I too became an Atlanta Braves fan and even better I became a Damn Yankee Hater! Sorry you Yankee fans, I just can't stand them. I remember when Deion Sanders played for the braves and he was a good ball player and not a drug player. Asshole hated the fact that I liked Deion Sanders, not because he was a good or bad player but because he was black!!!! I should have divorced him then. It shouldn't matter the color of a player. I admired him for his abilities to play ball, nothing more. Back when Deion Sanders was playing for the braves, they were just so, so. Not long after that in my view they got what we Southerners like to call "too big for their britches". Me being a Yankee hater it was only natural that I started loving the Red Sox. Not only were they the Yankee's biggest rival but they were also underdogs, until a few years ago when the won the world series. So I became a die hard Red Sox fan. A couple of years ago during a trip to Tampa I met a soldier who was staying in the same hotel as me. We became fast friends even though he is a Damn Yankee fan. He was leaving for Iraq in 10 days. We kept in touch and talked nearly every night via e-mail. I kept him up to date on all that was happening in the baseball world during the season and every thing else that was going on in the world that he no longer saw. He said later that I made his year long stay in Iraq bearable. And I have the Damn Yankee's to thank for that! During that same year I took a summer part time job with the Huntsville Stars (minor league) as a ticket sales person. I got to meet all sorts of people which was really good for me. I was just beginning to come out of my shell and to experience life. Now baseball season is upon us again and I have to wonder just where it will take me this year?

Thursday, April 05, 2007

My Quest for Toothpaste

Have you ever went to the store to buy something common like Milk, bread or say...Toothpaste, only to find out that said item is out of stock?

I am now on a quest for toothpaste. And not just any toothpaste. I have been using the same toothpaste for more years than I can remember. I brush my pearly whites with Arm & Hammer Dental Care Baking Soda Toothpaste. I even wrote to the company to find out if they quit making it. To my relief they are still making it. It's just that every store in Huntsville is out of it. The company sent me a list of stores that buys this particular type of toothpaste. There are 10 stores in Huntsville that carry this brand. I have been to 4 of them with no luck.

You just don't understand how traumatic this is for me! This ranks right up there with when Kentucky Fried Chicken started making extra Crispy Chicken. I knew when they tried to fix something that was not broken, all would go to hell in a hand basket. Sure enough, the regular chicken now sucks and extra crispy is more like extra crappy. Same logic applies to the toothpaste. Arm & Hammer started making about 3 other types of toothpaste that apparently no one wants because the stores have plenty of that crap but not the Plain Jane type that I like.

Reasons that no other toothpaste will do:
All other toothpastes create a foam in my mouth and I start gagging.
All other toothpastes have a taste of mint, you know the green mint stuff, which tastes terrible to my delicate palate.

Until this toothpaste came out, I brushed my teeth with nothing but baking soda and water. This was recommended by my dentist because he got tired of me throwing up when he tried to clean my teeth with that foamy stuff. So for now, I am back to baking soda and water. There is one good thing that has come of this. My teeth are whiter, even my friend who is a dental hygienist noticed them and asked me if I had been bleaching my teeth. When I do find the toothpaste I will probably brush my teeth with the toothpaste first and then follow up with the baking soda.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tuesday Tidbits on a Wednesday

  • I have become overly paranoid about someone coming in my house. This all started about 3 - 4 wks ago when every night when I slept I dreamed about being held captive in my own home. I have even resorted to buying door alarms that make a wickedly loud sound when the door is opened and the alarm is on.
  • I cancelled my $185.00 consultation appointment with the attorney to talk about have my divorce decree amended. I have a friend whose husband is a divorce attorney. I don't like to ask to many favors of him but I did this time. He told me what I already knew. Yes, I could have the divorce decree amended so that ex-husband would pay me child support but considering the age of my children, it would cost me a whole lot of money to make this happen. So, since I am doing OK on my own. I will just let things be.
  • I have lost 4 more pounds.
  • I have met lots of men and women lately, more YOUNG men than anything else, and I am thinking about just going for it. The men my age are not doing it for me. One of the Cake Lady motto's is "If it ain't working - fix it". Not to worry all my dear friends. I will not be bringing any of these men young or young at heart around the kids. It's all about me. Note: even though I say this, it will probably not happen :-)
  • Movie review - I rented the movie "Running with scissors" last night. The trailer looked interesting. It was about a boy who's mother is mentally unstable and his father is an alcoholic. The mother gives her son to her therapist for him to raise. Dr. Finch (therapist) and his family are more than dysfunctional. Cake Lady point of view; it was one of the strangest movies I have ever seen in my life. I got no warm fuzzies afterwards.
  • I'm going out tonight, with a younger man and some other girlfriends. Wish me luck.