Monday, January 15, 2007

No Winners In The Cake Lady Lottery

Well folks, there were no winners in the Cake Lady lottery. Trick did find one very nice gentleman who was more than willing to accompany me to the play and buy me dinner. That was the problem, everything started out OK but by the end of the night I was miserable thinking about having to spend another night with him. As nice as he was, he was insecure. He kept trying to get me drunk and going way overboard with the compliments. I talked to Trick and she agreed that it would probably not come as a surprise to him that I was going to revoke my request for him to accompany me to the play and dinner Saturday night.

Friday night Trick, Margarita, Sister and fiance went out again looking for me a man, although we didn't find me one. We did have a blast. I was even able to dance and my leg and hip didn't kill me the next day. And the best part was that this guy who I met a few weeks back joined us. Yes, I have another crush on someone. This time I'm going to be cool as a cucumber about him. He already has at least 1 strike against him that I know of. He has no children. You know me, I'm reading the last chapter of the book before I decide if I want to buy the book and read the entire thing. I'm trusting that Trick will keep me in line.

Today is so gloomy. It has rained all day long. It would be OK today if I could be at home in bed snuggling with someone.


Egan said...

What's the one strike against the new crush?

Cake Lady said...

He has no children. Relationships are hard enough without children. I've seen too many relationships go down the drain because it's too big of an adjustment when you are not accustomed to having children around. I'm not even close to introducing him to my kids, i'm just thinking ahead or reading the last chapter of the book.