Thursday, November 02, 2006

Just a Thursday

Yesterday was Norma Jean's Birthday and I took her out for drinks and dinner. I am trying desperately to get her out of her house and away from her ex-husband. In my eyes he is just plain scum. Poor Norma Jean can't stand to be alone so she keeps letting this creep in her life. Why can't she be as picky as I am?

If any of you readers out there are thinking about going to the Jazz Factory for dinner - Don't. I took Norma Jean there for dinner and I was so disappointed. The food was just so, so. Service was good though so I tipped our waitress well.

Then after dinner we went back to the local downtown bar and ran into Trickster and the Man.

Was home by 10:00.

Mama is in town for the weekend so I guess, I better get ready to party. Aunt J, Trickster - I'll be looking for some backup. She is a season ticket holder for the Broadway theater league. I must admit, that I like it!!! Her season tickets are second row from the stage, dead center. She is seeing Hairspray Saturday night and I suppose she will be taking Norma Jean with her for her birthday.

Only 28 days left till NYC. And I found a really nice slum for us to sleep in. This slum is only $128.00 per night in Manhattan vs the other slum that we were going to pay $225.00 per night. Life is good.

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I'm in!