Friday, November 03, 2006


Mom's in town and she is already asking what we plan on doing tonight. Aunt J just called and said there is a new bar that we have to check out. The bartender of one of our favorite watering holes has opened up her own bar. I just can't figure out where this bar is based on Aunt J's description. I'll check with Trickster and The Man.

Now for the Bitching. I went to GI Joes last football game last night and it's not the game that I'm going to Bitch about, it's the stupidity of some people. One of the Mother's of one of our players was there. I don't really know her. I know she lives in my neighborhood, she is divorced, her older son goes to school with Queenie and he is one of the star football players at her high school, and I know that she was staggering drunk at the football game. When she first came up and started talking to me she seemed a bit disheveled. The more she talked to me I realized that she wasn't just unorganized in her thoughts but she was drunk. One of the other mothers told the head coach that she was drunk and he said he would invite her son out for ice cream so that she would not be driving with him in the car. When I left she was parked right beside me. Some of the other ladies were there trying to persuade her not to drive. I offered to drive her car and let Mama drive my car, that way her car wouldn't be left there overnight but she wanted no part of that. I told her that sometimes people make mistakes and that if I were ever in this situation, I hoped someone offered to help me out but again she said no. I told the ladies good night and went home. I hope she made it home alright. The really sad thing is that last nights incident will probably get back to her older High School son. I can only imagine the embarrassment.

Now something good! I had lunch with freaky Jewels today. I love her dearly even if she is a freak. She is one of those people that you can just walk in to her house unannounced and her greeting would be something like "hi freak, what are you doing here? Do you want a diet coke". She doesn't know it but when I got up this morning I thought my hair looked so good that I didn't even brush it. She would just laugh if she knew it. I think she may have done that a time or two.

Oh Oh Oh - I am just so darned proud of myself. Trickster taught me how to link a name! If your reading this Trick, I'll trade you some brussel sprouts that have been in my freezer since January for some spaghetti. I'm sure the Brusselsl sprouts are fine but I'll check the expiration date if you want me to.

Now for some random thoughts. Queenie was inducted into the National Honor Society, GI Joe is still struggling in school. We will be taking a cab tonight, I have to get up way too early in the morning because Mama bought some charity ticket that gets us into Parisians for some shopping before the store opens up. I'm only going because I'm nice like that. My co-worker has a camel toe big time.

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