Friday, October 13, 2006

Just call me clueless!

Hey everyone. I am back from my FABULOUS vacation in Panama City Beach, FL. I was very apprehensive about going because I was going with all of the extended family. We had so much fun, I actually shed a tear when I left. Which brings me to the clueless part. I swear I can't go anywhere without a map. I printed out the directions from Huntsville to PCB and got there without problem. Then I had this harebrained Idea to just go by what I knew. Get on Front Beach road (SR98), North on 331, North on I65 to Huntsville exit. It was so easy going down. Now everyone get out your Florida maps for this, everyone who knows me knows that I like details. OK, do you see PCB? Now look for 331 off of SR98, now look for Gulf Shores AL. Do you see how far away Gulf Shores is from 331? Yep, I sure did! I kept thinking that this stuff didn't look familiar but thought "how could I miss 331". Me being a woman not afraid to ask for directions stopped and got directions. I took another route home. I think I added about 1 hour to my already 7 hour trip. Today I went to lunch with addagirl. I should have taken a map. We decided to go to "Little Rosies" for lunch. Who would have guessed that "Little Rosies" and "Rosies" are not the same. The have the same menu, they look the same to me, but they are no where close to each other. I get to the Rosies that I thought we were meeting at. It was noisy and I couldn't hear well so I text addagirl and tell her that I'm toward the back. She text's back and tells me that she is toward the front. I look and can't find her. I text her and tell her to stand up. Still no addagirl. I finally call her and find out that I am in the wrong place. I zip right on over there. Our lunch was cut short because I got lost but it was good.

Does anyone out there know who to make it so that when I reference one of my friends that have a blog, you can click on it and it takes you to their blog? I'm sure I can figure it out. I follow directions very well and I read a map even better!

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The Guy in the Back said...

To link a fellow blogger (or any site for that matter), simply highlight the text that you chose for the link, then click the "Link" button on the header bar above the tex box. It's the one with the little chain link in it, just to the right of the Tex formatting button with the capital T and colorful cube. then type in the address of the site you wish to link to, click OK..and you're done! Email me if you can't follow along with these directions.