Friday, October 27, 2006

Expiration Dates?? What??

This morning I was watching the Today show while I was getting ready for work. They were talking about expiration dates on medicine, food and such and I got to thinking. Does beef jerky have an expiration date? I am going to go through my house tonight and look for things that SHOULD NOT have an expiration date, just to see if they do. Why am I doing this? Well, it's simple. I am a freak with nothing better to do. I'll be updating you later on what I find that has an expiration date. Mean while, I'll just continue to chew on my beef jerky that has been in my desk drawer for a couple of years. I really think it should be safe. When I was a kid I lived on a farm and my Daddy killed pigs and cows and hung the meat in the smoke house. For those of you that are not familiar with this. It's a house or shed that meat is smoked in for years I guess because it seams there was always meat in the smoke house. So, for all I know this beef jerky could have come from my Daddy's smoke house. Yum Yum!

Take Care!


Egan said...

Snap into a Slim Jim™. You bet that stuff goes bad. It is meat afterall. Yum.

Trick said...

I had to go ahead and throw out some turkey for her that expired 2 weeks ago....right before I fed my 2 year old