Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Long Day Yesterday

Yesterday was a long day and I'm glad that it's over. My boss and I had an appointment in Smyrna TN. It takes about 2 hours to get there from Huntspatch AL. We ride up to TN in his Ford F150 that needs a ladder for me to get into. Seriously, I am glad I wore pants. So, off we go in a truck big enough that it probably qualifies as a small rig. And anyone who knows me, knows that I am not a thrill seeker. I look over and he's doing 75mph in a 45mph zone. Hey it's his ticket but I'm more concerned about where the "Oh Shit" handle is. Of course I'm also trying not to seem like I'm about to piss my pants. So I just start chanting and praying in my head. Every thing is OK, Every thing is OK. After a couple of wrong turns, we finally get to Smyrna TN. He nor I have any Idea where this facility is that we are supposed to be going to. So, I tell my Boss because he has a woman in the car that it's OK to ask for directions. He actually thought about this for a second or 2 then said, OK go ahead and call. I make the call to our client and the receptionist answers, asks who we are coming to see. Then says are you sure you have an appointment?? I reply "Yes". Then she tells me that our client had to make a sudden trip to SC. What a waist of my valuable time. So we said we would reschedule. Which means I get another roller coaster ride in the big rig. We stopped for lunch and some steak house called Legends that looked promising on the outside and there was a big sign saying it was under new management. Hey Folks - I got news for legends, they need another new management. It was 12:30 and we were practically the only 2 people in the restaurant. We finally got someone to take our order. The food wasn't too bad but the service sucked. So, we eat and we get in the big rig to go home. Coming back wasn't so bad because he took a different route (one less winding) maybe he noticed me turning white a couple of times.

We get back to Huntsville about 4:00. I had an appointment to give blood at 4:00. The bloodmobile was right outside our office in the parking lot so it only took me a second. The last time I gave blood it only took about 30 minutes from beginning to end. Yesterday it took 2 hours. They take your information, then take you back to a private room where they begin to ask questions such as, do you have sex in exchange for money or food? Have you had sex with a known homosexual, have you been shooting up? Those type questions. Then they prick your finger to make sure your iron level is good. Then they have you pull up your sleeves to make sure your not a junky. Then they take your pulse and your blood pressure. This whole screening should take no more than 5-6 minutes unless the screener is a trainee. My screening took about 20 minutes. After the screening I get to go to the reclining chair. The lady who was setting up for this did a great job. She was the only one who was not a trainee, she was the trainer. She gets the needle in my arm the 1st time, just a little poke. All is going well then just when the bag is almost full, I start to pass out. This is not uncommon. But all the other people in the bloodmobile had never experienced this and they were all in an uproar. The blood takers did a good job. They pulled the recliner upside down so my feet were higher than my head. Put ice under my neck, on top my neck and on my stomach. Then made me do the Dorothy dance (I want to go home, I want to go home) with my feet, while telling me to keep my eyes open. I just wanted to go to sleep. When I finally was coherent again, all the other people were just stunned. I went from near unconsciousness to may I have another cookie? When you faint, they make you stay there a while just to make sure you'll be fine when you leave. I was there about 2 hours. I did sleep really well last night.

Tonight I'm having dinner with the Trickster. Yummy, she can cook. BTW - I still haven't figured out how to make Trickster's name a link. I can't remember who it was that told me how to do this but I'll be looking back and sending you an e-mail. I copied her link but it shows her link and not her name. I want to just reference her name and when you click on her name then it takes you to her site.

One final note. I encourage everyone to give blood. I thought that the bloodbanks were only looking for the rare type. I found out yesterday that they are always in short supply of all types of blood.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Expiration Dates?? What??

This morning I was watching the Today show while I was getting ready for work. They were talking about expiration dates on medicine, food and such and I got to thinking. Does beef jerky have an expiration date? I am going to go through my house tonight and look for things that SHOULD NOT have an expiration date, just to see if they do. Why am I doing this? Well, it's simple. I am a freak with nothing better to do. I'll be updating you later on what I find that has an expiration date. Mean while, I'll just continue to chew on my beef jerky that has been in my desk drawer for a couple of years. I really think it should be safe. When I was a kid I lived on a farm and my Daddy killed pigs and cows and hung the meat in the smoke house. For those of you that are not familiar with this. It's a house or shed that meat is smoked in for years I guess because it seams there was always meat in the smoke house. So, for all I know this beef jerky could have come from my Daddy's smoke house. Yum Yum!

Take Care!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

So Much to Say.....

Where do I start? There is no beginning and there is no end. Saturday I visited with my second family and watched the ballgame and ate, and drank a little and ate some more. My second family is a very large family and they welcome everyone. One of the family members didn't show up because she felt it was more important to stay at home and mope. She did send her husband and child though. I wish that she could see things from another perspective. This extended family member seems to want to take on all of her families problems but not address her own. I think this is called co-dependency. Not only is she a co-dependent but she is so obviously depressed. I know because I have been there before. Luckily I got help. This girl has a husband, a child, good health, a very nice home, nice car, doesn't have to work, and yet she looks at things like she is a victim. She complains because she is lonely, she complains that she is fat, she complains that her husband drinks to much, she complains that no one understands what she is going through, yet she does nothing about it. It has been suggested to her that she and her husband see a counselor but she will not see one unless he/she is a Christian counselor. I don't see how she can judge someone until she has at least tried it. But if that's what she thinks will fix things then by all means find one, quit complaining and recognize how truly blessed you are. I am afraid if she keeps pushing people away (in particular her husband) that she will push him to much and he will not come back. My prayer for you my friend is that you take the help that is offered to you from all of your friends and family and help yourself.

Then there's Norma Jean. She has again floored me. She is seeing her ex-husband again. Does the girl have no self respect??? This guy is scum. Sure he may be doing OK right now but he's been there before. I can see the pattern why can't she?

Oh well - I have to stop, this is just depressing. I should pay attention to what my horoscope said today. If you are down now, you don't have to stay down. You are able to rise.
Take Care and God Bless!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Just call me clueless!

Hey everyone. I am back from my FABULOUS vacation in Panama City Beach, FL. I was very apprehensive about going because I was going with all of the extended family. We had so much fun, I actually shed a tear when I left. Which brings me to the clueless part. I swear I can't go anywhere without a map. I printed out the directions from Huntsville to PCB and got there without problem. Then I had this harebrained Idea to just go by what I knew. Get on Front Beach road (SR98), North on 331, North on I65 to Huntsville exit. It was so easy going down. Now everyone get out your Florida maps for this, everyone who knows me knows that I like details. OK, do you see PCB? Now look for 331 off of SR98, now look for Gulf Shores AL. Do you see how far away Gulf Shores is from 331? Yep, I sure did! I kept thinking that this stuff didn't look familiar but thought "how could I miss 331". Me being a woman not afraid to ask for directions stopped and got directions. I took another route home. I think I added about 1 hour to my already 7 hour trip. Today I went to lunch with addagirl. I should have taken a map. We decided to go to "Little Rosies" for lunch. Who would have guessed that "Little Rosies" and "Rosies" are not the same. The have the same menu, they look the same to me, but they are no where close to each other. I get to the Rosies that I thought we were meeting at. It was noisy and I couldn't hear well so I text addagirl and tell her that I'm toward the back. She text's back and tells me that she is toward the front. I look and can't find her. I text her and tell her to stand up. Still no addagirl. I finally call her and find out that I am in the wrong place. I zip right on over there. Our lunch was cut short because I got lost but it was good.

Does anyone out there know who to make it so that when I reference one of my friends that have a blog, you can click on it and it takes you to their blog? I'm sure I can figure it out. I follow directions very well and I read a map even better!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Rednecks at the Grocery Store

Yesterday after I sent the piglets off with their Dad for a week, I decided to stop by the grocery store and pick up a few things for the week. I was roaming the isles aimlessly looking at everything, reading the labels, comparing prices etc....just having a grand time. It was so relaxing. Then I rounded a corner and got behind a young family. The Man and his Wife looked about 16 and their son about 4 or 5. The father was telling his son to say to his mother "Hurry up Ho", the Mom said that was not a nice thing to say. And the father said he was just joking and encouraged his son again to say "Hurry up Ho" and the mother then laughed. What I was hearing made me sick and I wanted to go rescue the young boy from the idiots who were his parents. How could they think something so degrading was funny?
The Cake Lady