Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Trash in the cushions

Is it just my house or does everyone need a rake to get the shit out from under the couch cushions? I know the piglets are messy but holy crap! Last night I was looking for the remote control and when I lifted up the cushions I nearly fainted. I vacuumed under those cushions about a month ago. And I only have the piglets every other week so everything that I saw was accumulated in about 2 weeks. Does everyone have this type of trouble or is it just me? I am seriously thinking of buying a roll of that plain white paper that the grocery store wraps meat in, and just unroll it and put it under the cushions, then every day remove the paper and what is laying on it and throw it away. Sort of like they do at restaurants and Doctors offices. I need to know where do you find the most trash in your house (places it shouldn't be).
I am just perplexed and mystified.
The Cake Lady

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Jay said...

They're just like crumb catchers!