Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Today is a better day!

I finally forgave myself for my stupidity and naiveness. I will tell everyone at a later date what I did that was so stupid after I have had enough time to forgive myself to the point that I can laugh at what I did. No one got hurt (me) but I could have. Queenie and GI Joe are back and I am so happy. I realize that the weeks that I am alone that I tend to be a bit lost and lonely. It seems every man that I meet that I'm interested in lives 650 miles away. I am a true believer of love at 1st site and I think that is why I don't date a lot. I now have plane tickets and a hotel in New York!!! I'm still looking for a lesser priced hotel but If we don't find one then we will be OK. Me and the kids are leaving for Panama City October the 8th and GI Joe is just about to pee his pants, he is so ready to go. And I'm even getting a little excited myself. We are are going down with my Dad. My sister Norma Jean and her 2 rug rats will be there too. It will be the 1st vacation I have gone on with Daddy since I was 14. I'm mostly excited about the fishing. I know that I appear to be a girlie girl but deep down I'm a woMAN. I'd rather do yard work any day over house work. I think the weather also might have something to do with my mood. The sun is shining!
Take Care!
The Cake Lady


BO Snagley said...

650 is a long commute.

Cake Lady said...

It's only a long commute if you don't want to be there :-)