Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I must be PMSing

Do any of you ladies out there ever feel like you could eat anything and everything in site, right before the curse hits? I hope that is what's up with me. Yesterday I could not stop eating and today is not looking so promising. I ate some oatmeal this morning and that has satisfied me for the moment but all I can think about is what am I going to eat for Lunch and it's only 10:00. I am not hungry I'm just not satisfied. On a good note, I have really done well with my exercising. That is probably the only reason that I am not the size of a blimb. I also feel sort of lost because this is the 1st time in 8 months that I don't have a lottery ticket to check. I need to get a hobby or something. I'm thinking of taking up ballroom dancing.

I really feel old since reading Tricks blog. I remember 9/11 very well and I also remember when the chalanger blew up.

I hope I have something more interesting to say later.
Take Care,
The Cake Lady


BO Snagley said...

golden flake hot pork rinds.
sure fire cure for pms.
that or ostrich urine i keep getting it confused.
at least that is what i hear anyway,

Cake Lady said...

I think I'll try the Golden Flake Hot Pork Rinds!