Monday, September 18, 2006

I can't believe she did it.

Hey all you Mothers out there. Would you drop your 11 year old child off at a High School football game by herself??? I didn't think so. Apparently some folks out there have no common sense, or maybe I am just too strict. Every year at the opening of the 1st Huntsville High School home football game, there is a ceremony called little Panther night. Little Panthers are the boys who play football in the Huntsville High area but are not old enough to play High school football. My 11 year old GI Joe is a little Panther. He asked if his girl friend could come to the game with us. I told him I didn't mind but I was not going to pick her up. Last week was very stressful for me and the only reason I went to the game was for the Little Panther Ceremony. Anyway - I'm sitting in the bleachers watching GI Joe out there on the field with all the Little Panthers and my cell phone rang. I would ordinarily just let it go to voice mail but Queenie was down in Auburn so I did answer it. It was the little girlfriends mom, wanting to know where we were sitting. I told her and shortly there after here comes the little girl. I asked her where her mother was and she said that she had just dropped her off. I couldn't believe the woman just dropped her 11 year old daughter off at a High school football game to stay with us and she had never even met me before. I had not even laid eyes on the girl till that night. At around 9:15 I told GI Joe and friend that I was ready to go and asked the friend to call her Mom and ask if it would be OK for me to take her home. I couldn't just leave the girl by herself. The Mom didn't answer her phone the 1st 20 times that I called. I was furious. I can't believe she did that. When I finally did make contact she said she was at a bookstore, so I ended up dropping her off there.

Saturday I watched the Auburn/LSU game - War Damn Eagle Baby! After the game I rode my bike with GI Joe. I thought it would be my legs that were sore but it's my ASS! I'm going to have to get a wide load seat for my bike.

Sunday I cleaned a little (very little) and ate everything I could.

I have booked my tickets to New York and I have to get back into shape before the end of November. I walked today during lunch and might walk again tonight. Wish me luck!

Take Care,
The Cake Lady

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Egan said...

That seems very unwise to do, but I'm not a parent so I have no say.... or so I've been told.