Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Crisp Air

Good Morning all you bloggers! Nothing has changed from yesterday except the air. Summer is my favorite over all season but I must admit the crisp morning air in the deep South is like drug. All I want to do is keep breathing. Anyone who has ever been in the South during the summer know that it is so humid, that God must have forgotten to give us gills. I talked to my other sister Isabella, she is a teacher. She gave me a different perspective on this 6th grade situation. She told me to not think his failing grades are a reflection on me. The more I get stressed out, the more it will stress GI Joe out. I never actually thought about it in that way but she is right. I do see his failure as a reflection on me. I'm still going to get him a tutor and I'm going to ease up on him. If he fails then it should be easier for him next year. We can't open the windows in our office so I am going to prop the door open just so I can breath the crisp air. OH!!!!! in case any of you readers out there are Doctors. I have something for you to invent. How about a device to swab someone's mouth for strep throat without having to stick those sticks down your throat. I can't believe no one has come up with something like that yet.
Take Care!
The Cake Lady

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Egan said...

I suppose some sort of gummi bear stick would be a suitable invention.