Thursday, August 24, 2006

There is an old Woman Trapped in the Lint Trap of my Dryer

August 24th, 2006

OK - Now that you know what I was dreaming about last night. That is all I will say about the dream except that all night that Bitch cried in agony that I didn't care that she was stuck in my lint trap. I knew it was a dream because I clean my lint trap every time I use the dryer.

Another typical Wednesday night. I had a good time, my Mom is visiting me from Florida. I took her out to meet the Gang (Trick, Margarita, & Aunt J). Since the city of Huntsville Police Dept is doing such a fine job of taking people to jail for drunk driving and I was in the mood to drink, my Mom and I took a Taxi to our favorite watering hole. The Taxi driver was a trip. He went to my neighbors house while my Mom and I are standing on the porch trying to waive him down. When he finally figured out that we were not waiving off flys he picked us up and asked if we knew Epicurus, which neigher one of us did. He informed us that Epicurus was a great philosopher. At this point I am thinking "Who the hell cares just get us there". I had to tell him directions and occasionally poke him in the side to wake him up. He drove all of 20 miles per hour. I thought we would never get there. When we did get there all the gang was already there. I don't know how we got on the subject of my nipples, but Margarita was on a mission to find out if my nipples were big or small. I think they are about average. That was about it for the evening.
Take Care,
The Cake Lady!


Trick said...

I can't believe you wouldn't just show him....good lord!

Cake Lady said...

Not just anyone gets to look at my nips! You should feel honored that you got to see them!