Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Terrible Tuesday!

August 29, 2006

Tuesday's are what Monday's are to most people. This Tuesday is no different, as a matter of fact it's worse. We just got the leak in our air conditioner fixed and the carpets cleaned. This morning I walk in the office to find the back window in a co-workers office smashed in. Dumbass'es didn't even have sence enough to take anything. I guess they didn't figure a double pain glass would be so hard to break. They made a mess, so now I have to help CC with her work because she can't get in her office for all the freaking glass. The clean up crew are here now. That damn shop vac needs a tune up. It sounds like it's trying to lift of the ground!

Take care everyone,
The Cake Lady!


Trick said...

I hope he brings his thong again

Cake Lady said...

Me Too! Maybe he will let me wear them this time.