Monday, August 21, 2006

The Piglets are gone

August 21, 2006

Good Morning Everyone!
Let me start by saying that I love my piglets. From here out they will be referred to as Queenie and GI Joe. As mentioned in the previous post GI Joe is in a cast and walking on crutches. Queenie is a typcial 15 year old girl. GI Joe is a typical 11 year old. Actually they are my children so they are anything but typical. Queenie and GI Joe were at each others throat all weekend. Which translates to mama being driven insane. My house has 5 TV's in it. 1 in my room (The vacant love palace). 1 in GI Joe's room, 1 in Queenie's room, 1 TV in the living room (or pig pen), 1 TV in the playroom. Queenie instigates a lot with GI Joe. She waits for him to go to the bathroom then runs into the pig pen and changes the channel, then when GI Joe gets back from the bathroom she insists that she has been there the whole time. In a nut shell all I heard this weekend was Mama GI Joe is....., Mama Queenie is....... I try retreating to the vacant love palace and they find a way in there. Locks do not work with these children. I just wanted to pull my hair out and judging from what is in my bathtub, I think that I did.

On top of being driven insane by the piglets, I can't sleep. I haven't slept in a while. Strange things happen during my dreams. My dreams are so vivid that sometimes I can't remember if I dreamed it or if it really happened. Or, I dream (I hope I'm dreaming) that I am being posessed by something evil. I fly through the air and I know when I'm flying that it is not good. And just in case you are wondering I do not do mind altering drugs. Unless you count wine. I am not an unattractive woman, I just have a hard time letting my guard down. They must pass the Cake Lady test before they get an invitation to the love palace and only 2 men in 4 1/2 years have ever passed that test.

The piglets are with thier dad for the week so I will be out cruising the streets of Huntsville for potential Cake Lady candidates and Cake.

Take care,
The Cake Lady

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