Wednesday, August 23, 2006

No Rest for the Wicked!

August 23, 2006,

Does anyone know where that phrase came from "No Rest for the Wicked"? I am getting no rest and I am not wicked. God knows I want to be, but it aint happening. My sister Norma Jean spent the night with me last night and she brought her weenie dog "Mr. Jones" with her. That damn dog adores me. I don't know why because for the longest I hated weenie dogs. But they finally broke me and now I am a weenie dog lover. Norma Jean spent the night at my house last night because she had to be at Hampton Cove golf course at 6:15am this morning. Norma Jean lives out in the boonies and I live in location, location, location! Mr. Jones chose to sleep with me last night. It was just like having a new born. He slept right next to me. If I moved him, he came right back. He started crying at 4:30am because he needed to go outside to do his business. I can only imagine what the neighbors say about me. So, out we go at 4:30am. I am standing there in my favorite granny gown, bed hair and granny glasses. The only thing missing was the furry house shoes and a cigarette hanging out of my mouth. I hope I wake up soon because today is Wednesday. Wednesday is my cruising night. I don't know why I bother, if I found someone I wouldn't do anything. My Mom is coming to visit for a couple of weeks so I will have to wake up because she is a freaking party animal.
Take Care,
The Cake Lady!

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Trick said...

woohoo for wednesday!

well, most of them anyway....