Tuesday, August 22, 2006

New Characters

August 22, 2006

Hi Everyone,
Today I feel so much better than yesterday. No weird dreams last night and no evil flights in the night. The only thing I am thinking of right now is the fact that my ex-husband who I will call Asshole will get my e-mail that I sent yesterday. Asshole is dating a woman who has the same name as me but that's all that we share. Queenie refers to her as Hitler and It is a fitting name. Hitler is under the delusion that my children are hers and has told people that my children are hers. I haven't seen nor spoke to Hitler since I informed her (in her face) that my children were in no way hers. It has since come to my attention that Hitler is now telling people that my children are her step children. I sent an e-mail to Asshole telling him that it was an improvement in Hitlers psychotic behavior for her to refer to my kids as her step kids and not her own children. I also added in the e-mail a note asking him when he plans to get a vasectomy. That should really get him riled up!!!

It's Tuesday and I have no plans for today. I might go play bingo at the Eagles club tonight. Sorry - this is about exciting as it gets for me.

Take Care,
The Cake Lady

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addagurl said...

Yay !! Your own blog !! You should be able to click on my face and get into the blog that I have on this site. There are pictures of my life on there.